Sunday, February 22, 2009


Honorees Dr. Anthony Fauci (from left)
and Barry Manilow with presenter Suzanne Somers
(photo-Wade Byars The Desert Sun)

Saturday night Barry received the Steven Chase Award for Community Service in Palm Springs. By his own admission, this was his first Community Service award. He's involved in his community and he gives back, most recently through his Manilow Music Project.

I often wonder how celebrities feel about the awards they receive. Lately Barry has received quite a few. There are so many of them and the list goes on and on. There are awards from their peers, awards from their fans in the form of album sales, and even awards from charitable organizations. There are awards to recognize professional achievement, involvement, and philanthropy.

As fans, we are always proud of all the awards that Barry receives. And I would hope that he would say the most treasured award he would ever receive would be those he received because of his fans. The record sales. The sold out concerts and shows. The years of faithful support. It would be nice to think that after the years of him giving us so much joy and encouragement, we are able to give back the same.
We may not be able to present him with an award per se, but I hope that he knows how much we value the gift of music he has given to all of us and the sacrifices he makes to continue to go out on stage after all these years.

Here I am again, offering him the "Award of Gratitude" for the joy, the memories, and the friendships that have come to me over the years because of his music.

Texas Fan

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