Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Friars Club

This past weekend Barry was inducted into the Friar's Club. He managed to avoid the usual "roast" that normally comes along with said induction. After watching the video of some of the ceremony, I started thinking about what it would be like for Barry to "roast" some of those critics who have so mercilessly attacked him over the years.

I could imagine him saying something along the lines of comparing the longevity of his career to some of theirs. Most of whom probably aren't even in the business any longer. Or him commenting on the numerous awards he's received, as opposed to some of their measely accomplishments in the field of publishing. And he might end with the fact that he is still, after all these years, selling out concerts, producing other artisit's albums, and arranging and producing an original jazz album. All after many years of criticism alluding to the fact that he was not a serious musician.

Ah yes. I'd love to hear him "roast" those critics. But, true to the gentleman that he is, he would simply smile and thank them for their years of attention and for the honor of being inducted.

If only,
Texas Fan

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