Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Barry Manilow at the PNC Center in NJ

Why post about this? Because, apparently his first visit to the pen*s center (his words) was quite a memorable night. Of course, that was WAY before my time in the Manilow world. But stories abound of that night and the "oldtimers" speak of it fondly.

I'd like to open up the floor (or comments) for everyone to post their stories of that night. Please don't be shy. Those of us who missed it LOVE to hear about the "good ole days" in the Manilow world.

And...if anyone has pictures they would like to share I'd love to post them here with credit given. (Don't worry, I'll disable the ability to download!)

I hope we have TONS of responses and lots of memorable stories.

Waiting to read your stories,
Texas Fan


D said...

I've been looking for my write-up of that night, but haven't been able to find it. Still, I did find this little snippet in an old email - I wrote it in response to a questionnaire someone had posted on a Barry group:

4. Tell us about one time you endured the most PHYSICAL (not
emotional) suffering for something Barry-related.

The PNC flood! My jeans were soaked, my socks were ruined - there were
bits of grass and wood crawling up the inside of my pants legs. And I
was so cold! Especially after we had to wait for hours for a rescue
train to be sent to get us and take us back to NYC. It was in the wee
hours of the morning, I was exhausted, I was freezing. And yet I still
say I enjoyed the whole experience!

texas_fan said...

Thanks D,
That's exactly what we all would love to hear. I hope you find you write-up of that night. It would be so great to read it.

D said...

Oh, and there are a few photos here:

texas_fan said...

Thanks D. I had no idea Dana had pictures of the concert..and..all the water pouring in. Thanks so much for posting that link!

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