Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do you think Barry Manilow is a "Guilty Pleasure"?

Do you think Barry is a "guilty pleasure"? I do. And so do the people at BlogLuxe. My blog has been nominated for a 2009 Women Blogger Award. I would have to say that Barry is definitely one of life's guilty pleasures. And..writing this blog is as well.

So I'm here SHAMELESSLY begging for all you die-hard Manilow fans to VOTE FOR ME! Let's show those women bloggers that Barry is our FAVORITE guilty pleasure! If you like my blog, or you just like Barry, cast your vote. How cool would it be that a blog about him ended up THE WINNER!

I'm pretty far from leading in the votes (I just got nominated). But, I'm sure there are HUNDREDS of Manilow fans who would love to vote for me. And PLEASE pass the word along to your friends.

Just click this link and I'm under the Guilty Pleasures category:

2009 BlogLuxe Awards

Texas Fan

VOTING ENDS JUNE 23. You can vote ONCE a day until then. After that, they will announce FIVE finalists in EACH category.


Anonymous said...

Uh YEAH!! He's a real, 'GUILTY PLEASURE'! No words!

Crissy said...

I just cast my vote for you Suzanne. I'd love to see your blog win for two reasons; one because it is about Barry and that would be some pretty nice PR, and two because it might cause that disgusting creature known as Perez Hilton to drop dead of a stroke.

you begin again.... said...

I voted, but this is one pleasure I don't feel guilty about.

Good luck!

texas_fan said...

Thanks for your support! You guys ROCK.

texas_fan said...

HAHA...I just saw Perez Hilton's...I agree. He's a jerk!

Anonymous said...

"Guilty" pleasure???
Nah... not one bit!
No guilt involved in reading your blog either... but it certainly is a pleasure. You definitely get my vote!

Liz said...

Haha I was just thinking about this earlier. He kinda is a guilty Congrats on the nomination and I voted!

<3 Liz

Bonnie said...

Best of luck too you.

MoonStone said...

You have my vote girlfriend!

moon :)

manilow1976 said...

Is Barry a guilty pleasure? ABSOLUTELY.
Just cast my vote for you Suzanne

Anonymous said...

Barry a guilty pleasure, well maybe, just a tad, but your blog is a pure pleasure.Congratulations for being nominated and all the best in winning, you deserve it.

Your aussie friend


Survivor said...

Just cast my vote. I read your blogs every day, I think it is the best Manilow blog around. Keep up the good work!!

Sue said...

You've got my vote too!

texas_fan said...

Thanks everyone for all the KIND words. The good news is we pulled ahead of Perez Hilton Crissy. But we have TONS of headway to make up if we want to be NUMBER 1. The voting ends June 23 and then we will move into the finals. Fingers crossed!!!

Stephanie said...

Barry Manilow a "Guilty Pleasure"? Never. What is there to be guilty about? Nothing for me :)


lemon Drop Gal said...

I just voted. Are you kidding?? A guilty pleasure and then some.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about guilty pleasure, but he certainly is an EXPENSIVE pleasure!!!


Crissy said...


Just wanted to let you know I've been voting every day, but I put the word out to a fan club I belong to as well so if everyone votes every day that should help out a lot.

texas_fan said...

Thanks Crissy. I appreciate you doing that. Hopefully we'll end up in the finals. One thing is for sure we are knocking out Perez Hilton.

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