Monday, June 29, 2009

Fifteen Minutes

I've had time to digest the "letter" from Barry that was posted on There was a great deal shared in that letter from commenting on his weight (yet again) to a brief statement about the cancellations (briefly) to the new "rock" album co-written with Enoch (Nick) Anderson. Of course, as a fan of the music and The Mayflower, the mention of a new original album peeked my interest.

Did it make me forget the recent lack of customer service? For about 15 minutes. During that 15 minutes I remembered the music. I remembered how much I adore Barry's creative talent. I remembered how much I appreciate all the hard work he puts into every album he creates. And I remembered how the music moves me every single time I listen to it.

The concept of the new album sounds intriguing: 15 minute of fame, gaining it and losing it and regaining it again. It certainly speaks from experience with him and we all know that the songs that he feels are always the best songs in the long run. You can always here the emotion in the music and it always strikes a chord in my heart.

An original album just might enable me to put all the lack of customer care behind me and concentrate on the sheer genius that is Manilow. It might coax me to part with some of my desperately hard earned money. Will I purchase multiple copies to help it debut at number 1? No. There was a time that it was the norm for me to purchase 2-3 copies of every release. Those days are gone. I'm older and wiser and a lot less gullable.

Anxiously waiting to love the music again,
Texas Fan


Peachy said...

The letter was prepping us for the influx of "heartfelt" letters (yeh right) we will have before the album is released. It will surely be something the fans will love, but like all of his other original music albums - it will be lost on the civilians. When the new album comes out, his "friends" will be the closest thing to his heart. Can't wait to see the buttering up that goes on at that time. It's going to be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about this new CD! Barry said himself that he was going back to writing his own songs again and that he is done with doing the hits. This one is sure to have alot of meaning and history behind it! Now the question is, when WILL this be come out? When IT DOES, I am SO there!

redcat said...

Peachy...I agree...but, if it actually gets PROMOTED the way all the other cover albums will, you might just find that people will buy it. Mayflower was INCREDIBLE: versatile, creative and one of the few true albums I've seen. There were many songs that, if properly marketed, could've done well on the charts. I'd like to see TPTB spend some time and effort plugging this album.

texas_fan said...

It will be very interesting to see just how the CD is marketed. And Peachy is right, they will turn to the fans (friends) as they always do to pump up sales. It will also be notable to see if this time, it's enough. I'm all about the music, so I'm sure I will love it. Will it be a success as far as record sales are concerned, only time will tell. Promotion is the key. Along with this question: will the public ever be able to see him as more than a pop singer.

Bonnie said...

Don't forget that Mayflower (his most brilliant work, in my opinion)was made under the Concord label. This one will be with Arista, or one of it's other labels, so the promotion for it may or may not be better.

Either way, it's going to be the kind of album that will probably only appeal to the fans. And if it goes anything like Mayflower went, the sales may be disappointing. That's why they are starting to butter us up NOW.

Since it's going to be released toward the end of the year, watch for the Hotline messages plugging it as "Great Christmas Gifts" in order to boost sales.

I wish him luck with it, but I can already feel the disappointment coming.

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