Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another NEW Project for Barry Manilow?

Could it be? Here's an excerpt from the Gloucester Times:

Day continues to challenge himself musically. He just signed on to work on a musical with Barry Manilow to premiere in Las Vegas. Day and Manilow spend their time writing the music and the lyrics and building a coherent and conducive story.

"It is an exciting new project," says Day excitedly. "It is amazing for someone who has already accomplished so much to still have the hunger to further explore his art."

If you haven't heard of James Day here's some more information about this talented musician/composer:

His MySpace Page

A biography about him

A sampling of his music

Looking forward to the future and hearing more about this project,
Texas Fan


Crissy said...

I'll believe this is happening when it actually has an opening night. I can't help wondering why the fan club has been dropping the ball lately on letting the fans know about things like this too.

Jill said...

So many chapters are left out these days I feel like I am reading a mystery novel.

texas_fan said...

Yes. I agree with you both. It seems the fans are the last to know. Thank heavens for Google alerts. Of course, it's "unofficial" until the word comes down from the top :>)

Crissy said...

Just like they didn't make any mention of the organizers of Outfest raffling or auctioning off a backstage meet and greet with Barry at the Hollywood Bowl until it showed up on the internet or that cesspool on the newsgroup one of the two.

Anonymous said...

If you're not liking the way the BMIFC is a day late and a dollar short about giving the fans information, go to the Starz merchandise site and take the survey.

Voice your opinions there but be honest. They won't know how people really feel if people aren't willing to speak their minds.

The survey takes about five minutes to complete and they have spaces to voice your opinions.

They ask how they can make things better and maybe someone can put in there they need to cut back on the price of the Conventions and maybe offer less food (have just the formal dinner) and let people get their show tickets to the shows (probably would be better seats too) if they want to go to them. People can get their own food during the day before or after the events scheduled. The attendance at this last Convention was probably the lowest they have ever had so that should tell them something. They need to offer something for everyone's budget.

How about holding out so many good show tickets for the Convention so they aren't sold before the tickets go on sale to eveyone? That way the fans would be assured of the best seats. When they are gone then the Convention sign up is closed. They could gold out 400-500 tickets and if the spaces aren't full by the deadline sign-up date, they can release whatever they have left back to the general public.

How about the B-gram coming again so we can have hard copies? We paid for them and are not getting them.

They want to know so here's your chance to tell them! I've already sent mine.

As for what Barry is doing these days........he stays active and that's what probably keeps him young. No grass grows on a busy street!

Crissy said...

Because they aren't really interested in doing things differently for the conventions no matter how many people make suggestions about the tickets being held for the fans, or making them more affordable. The reason this one wasn't so well attended had more to do with the recession than anything else and if the economy picks back up before it's time for the next one, there will be people standing in line to hand their money over again.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy, you are partially correct in your last post.

Many agree this last Convention didn't have a great turnout because they planned it way too close to the Holiday Bash in December and it was a bad time of year with the holidays right then. Christmas is an expensive time of year as it is. Not only that, people hadn't even paid off the Bash when they announced the Convention, only 5 months away. They must think people are made of money or we all have a money tree growing in our yards. People had plenty of time to sign up for the Convention before this nasty recession mess was even anoounced but they didn't because they were tapped out - most were anyway.

Yes, this recession has slowed many people down and those among us with our heads screwed on straight are not going to be spending money on BMIFC functions not knowing if we will have jobs tomorrow or not. Maybe this is why so many have put off going to Vegas as well? We have to be able to put a roof over our heads, pay our bills and have food to eat first. Priorities have to come first. And the stimulus package was a bust because people are saving it in case they need it to add to their unemployment. Who knows how long it will take to find jobs again with the unemployment rate so high.

Let's hope they wait a while before they announce anything else so people have time to regroup and aren't so stressed about unemployment and finding jobs and will feel comfortable spending money on entertainment.

If everyone has a defeatest attitude and doesn't want to let the BMIFC know what they would like to see change for the better then nothing will change. All it takes is One Voice and everyone will sing.

They won't kmow unless we tell them. They may not like what they read but if enough people request lower prices for events, they just might do things differently or at least offer several different packages to choose from.

$1500 for a Platinum packiage is a bit high, don't you think? It went off just fine when it was $1000. Why such a high increase when there was more offered for less just a few years ago? They charge those prices because they know people will pay any price no matter what so they can meet Barry. And just how many would actually donate that kind of money to a charity, especially in these times, if Barry hadn't agreed to meet people?

Many have become discouraged because of these high prices and feel the BMIFC is a rich person's fan club. It's supposed to be for all supporters of Barry, not just the ones who are lucky enough to be ale to max out their plasic or spend their whole savings. Of course it's a pesonal choice but people feel it leaves out too many people who would love to be able to attend (be able to also join in the fun) and pick a package that will go along with every budget.

It's time for all of us to take a stand and not be afraid to voice our true opinions.

you begin again.... said...

Back on topic.....

Suzanne- I've ot $20 in my wallet that it's associated with the new record announced in the new Vault letter. The concept album of "15 Minutes", followed up by a full-scale musical.


texas_fan said...

Sorry YBA. I won't take that bet. Me thinks you are right on the money. All at the same time. Time will tell I guess.

texas_fan said...

I think we can talk until we are blue in the face. The bottom line is--supply and demand. If the demand is there nothing will change. And...the demand will always be there.

MusicLover said...

I emailed James Day about this project and he emailed back saying that there was alot of information lost in translation and there was no project with Barry. He went on to say that he has worked with a member of Barry's band. I went onto Mr. Day's blog and saw that Ian is a friend, so I'm just assuming it's something he has been working on with Ian.

Damn, wishful thinking. I was so looking forward to a project like that. I'm still holding out hope for Harmony.


texas_fan said...

..or he let the cat out of the bag and was not supposed to say anything. You just never know what is truth and what is fiction. We shall more chapter to the mystery novel that Jill mentioned.

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