Friday, July 3, 2009

A Fan Story--Back in the Day

Since I have only been a part of the Manilow world since 2006, I adore reading stories of the "good old days". Scotter's blog was always on my daily "to read" list when it was up. Since it's been gone, I miss reading those early press clippings, fan stories, and seeing those old photographs. These are things that get me excited. Times may have changed, but those memories remain. And those memories are an important part of Manilow history.

Last week I read a blog by Sue on the Manilow Music and Passion ning site. It got my heart pumping to see those old pictures and read about a fan encounter "back in the day". I wish more fans would share their stories. I know they aren't well received on some of the other fan sites, but Micks (the admin on Manilow Music and Passion) encourages any and all fan stories and I'm sure if more would like to post them we would ALL be ecstatic!

In the meantime, click here to read Sue's story and see her unique photographs.

Hoping to read more,
Texas Fan

P.S. Thanks Sue for posting the blog.

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Mary said...

Those were the days my friend! I have been in the Manilow world since 1978, first saw him in 19882 and made Manilow friends and a good few are still friends though not all still fans AND we still manage to meet at least once a month! There are hundreds of stories of those days of good and bad Barry. Not to brag but have been lucky to met him a good few times at show recordings,record signings,even been lucky to be a CSWY girl way back in 93! We followed him around all the shows in Britain, I came to most of the early Conventions, when they were conventions! Followed him around America seen him about 200 times, Sorry not bragging just been a LONG LONG time fan and was obsessed, yes I would say obsessed back then to do everything, buy everything and meet Barry at all cost! THANK GOD I grew up and the past 5-10 years it has cooled and like you say am NOT so gullible for everything. Sorry this is so long!!! I have to say I like Barry's music BUT the best part is the lifelong friendships I have made through going to concerts. I never in my wildest dreams knowing 'young'er Barry would have thought he has become the person he has become and so put me off. Oh well I will shut up now.

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