Thursday, July 2, 2009

Arriving in D.C.

Barry Manilow lands in Washington DC airport all smiles

Barry Manilow landed at the airport in Washington DC, he signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans. He was all smiles and seemed very excited to be in town.
Pictured: Barry Manilow Picture by: Brandon Todd / Splash News

Always nice to hear that he's connecting with the fans,
Texas Fan


crissy said...

It looks like Barry but Suzanne haven't you heard? According to the fans who know all without knowing a thing, Barry is never happy to see the fans and would sooner bite the head off of one who dares to ask for a picture or autograph than to be gracious and do as they ask. There must be some mistake; maybe Barry's gone into hiding to avoid his responsibilities and that's his well paid look a like.

texas_fan said...

Perhaps it's WHO the fans consisted of at the airport. Most likely NOT the stalker types.

I hadn't heard that...LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Suzanne, these are the long time "fans" who spend all of their free time on a place called alt. fan. barry manilow where they're free to pontificate, postulate, and speculate to their heart's content without fear of censorship. Doesn't mean they're right or they know a thing they're talking about but they're free to do it. As for the stalkers, unfortunately they'll all be in Pittsburgh; let's hope they're far enough away from the stage Barry won't even see them.

texas_fan said...

LOL...I was being sarcastic :>)

And about the stalkers...they will be on the front row. You KNOW they will. I mean they are probably going through withdrawals. A whole entire month without seeing him? How have they survived????

Bekah said...

Oh those stalkers, I've had my "run-ins" with them and what I learned is that you will be on the official "hate list" if something happens to you concerning Barry rather them. I've gotten some pretty dirty looks. I mean they're just protecting their future husband to be, haha...they're pathetic.

texas_fan said...

Wait a minute...I thought he was MY future husband :>) Darn, all this time I was wrong..hehehe.

Don't let those crazies bug you, they are just delusional and JEALOUS!

Anonymous said...

The stalkers are indeed sitting front row in Pittsburgh...I will have the "pleasure" (yeah right) of sitting up there with them...hopefully not beside them...sat next to one at a previous show and it was the most horrid concert experience of my life! Blood curdling screaming and jumping up and down like a two year old.

Also, how they go on and on on the B-Net board,they have it in their brains that they are the only fans going to this show...boy will they be surprised!!! They keep asking for the Mayflower, and if he does that, they will take full credit for him doing it! That's the part that makes me want to puke!

Bekah said...


Oh wait I think I must have made a typo, I must have been too busy sending out the wedding invitations. LOL ;)

I don't anymore. :) I quickly learned to ignore them and focus on other, more productive things, like the wedding invitations. ;)

texas_fan said...

They take credit for everything..and are are responsible for nothing.

Make sure you spell my name right :)

Anonymous said...

How many are there of this front row woo hoo stalker group? The one I find most obsessive is the NJ woohoo. She is REALLY someone that needs to be watched.

And are these MARRIED woman sex starved? It must be embarrassing for their husbands and children to see them so over the top with all the leather, whip it out etc comments. The irony of the whole thing is almost funny...but is really quite sad.


texas_fan said...

Sad but true!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that it's been unusually quiet on the BNet WooHoo's whatsoever...I wonder if there's a little stalking going on down in DC tonight and tomorrow night?

Here's a question I've always wanted to ask...are these women new fans? I never heard of them or saw them prior to the Vegas gig, and I've been around for 30 years and know quite a lot of people in the "fandom".

texas_fan said...

The Woohoo gang appeared after the Madison Square Garden concert. Some of the other stalkers have been around much longer from what I understand.

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