Sunday, July 19, 2009

From the frying pan into the fire...

...and here I go.

What was the marketing/merchandising department for Starz thinking when they were all sitting around a table brainstorming about products? Did it go something like this:

Bob: I think we need some new merchandise in our online store.

June: I agree, maybe some sort of apparel other than shirts and jackets.

Will: I think I have an idea, let's start a lingerie line.

Bob: Sounds good to me. What are you thinking?

Will: Well. Since most of the Manilow fans are women, let's come up with something they would enjoy wearing.

June: I've got it! Let's introduce a thong!

Will: That's perfect. And if we put a "B" on it they will be sure to buy it.

Sally: Ummm....I may be going against the grain here but don't you think that's just a little tacky?

June: Tacky? No. I think they will ALL love it. What could be better? Wearing "B" next to their crotch.

Bob: I mean...seriously. Those crazy women that follow him around like a pack of dogs in heat will LOVE it.

Will: And here's another plus. Imagine those same fans throwing them up on the stage during a concert. Once that starts, everyone will want them.

June: You're right. And I have the perfect name. Let's call it a "B String"!

Sally: :::shaking head:::: (these people have LOST their minds)

I can't for the life of me figure out the reasoning behind that piece of merchandise. Although, I bet, like the life-size Barry's, they will fly off the shelves.

:::Shaking my head:::
Texas Fan


Stephanie said...

LMAO!! Priceless.. :)


MusicLover said...

LOL! I'm NO prude, believe me, but geez, what's with this item? My 89 year old mother still says to this day that it's a man's world. That item is what MEN want, so it will be marketed. Holy crap. What next, blue and black condoms promoting safe sex as a result of wearing the B string? I think Colonel Kief needs to rethink this thing. IMO


Anonymous said...

I saw that new piece of merchandise over the weekend. Tacky, Tacky, Tacky, Tacky JMHO. Your right tho, there is a certain group of women that will buy it and probably keep it in their purse 24/7. This is one piece of memorabilia that I will not buy. I have a certain sense of respect here.

you begin again.... said...

You are spending WAY too much time with Redcat.

IMHO, your conclusion is right on: they're marketing to a particular demographic that will go crazy for this.

No worse than the "Less Music, More Passion" boxer shorts that were on there a while back. Pete made it clear that a gift of that nature was not required. ;-)

Jill said...

Oh, yeah! I saw that and wondered what in the world were they thinking? Who came up with that? The more I thought about it, the weirder I felt. Sorry folks, this is one item, this Texas girl won't be buying.

texas_fan said...

YBA. The word on the street is that some women wore those boxers around the Hilton. Let's just say I certainly hope they DO NOT do the same with the thong :>)

Jen & Pete said...

I logged in to starz this weekend to make sure my membership was current....and thought I was on the wrong page! I really hope they sell NONE of those (I know they'll sell some, but I can dream) and have to rethink that stupid tacky item.

Anonymous said...

The visual of the Alphabet woohoo's wearing this is frightening. They are such a tasteless bunch, and are already going on about how they ordered this. They are beyond tacky...


Bonnie said...

Tacky is putting it mildly. Just hope that they don't take out someones eye when they try and throw them on the stage!!!!

It's sure to be a big seller, and probably is already, although just the thought of these over the hill teenagers trying to wear them is REPULSIVE. I bet the WooHoo gang has bought them by the gross. And gross is what I think of this whole idea.

I used to think that Barry and his people had too much class for this kind of thing, but I guess I'm wrong again, but what else is new LOL?

texas_fan said...

Sounds like I'm not the only one shaking my head. I guess some things just never cease to amaze me.

Stephanie said...

Isn't it amazing that only one particular group find this CUTE ! Of course tacky for the classless I say....and class they definitely lack...I can still imagine in the Stiletto office a whiteboard and Marc taking in the tally's for the betting pool on this joke. Wonder who is in the lead?

texas_fan said...

Steph, and I both know which group were probably the FIRST to purchase. It's all about marketing though and I have to say, they KNOW their market (the ones who fork over the bucks). I'm just glad we aren't included in that demographic!

manilow1976 said...

I just had to see what you have been all talking about. Have been away for a while and unable to check up on anything and well OMG are they kidding when they came up with this idea. The sad thing is there are people out there that will buy this and you can bet have them already rushed to their homes. What were they thinking when the brought up this idea and didn't Barry once say in an interview that he approves the merchandise. What was he thinking?

Anonymous said...

What do you all predict will happen with the alphabet woohoo's? Do you think the head alphabet and the head woohoo will eventually have a big blow up? Weren't they enemies a while back?

I am a bit late with all this drama and don't really know the history..can someone help me catch up?

What I do know is that I have seen the 2 of them in action and they are like trailer park people..they chew gum constantly during the shows..scream like maniacs..and they stalk Barry at every opportunity. Very low class individuals who give us all a bad name.


Anonymous said...

To: Manilow 1976

I think most people will just buy this piece of male chauvinist, degrading article of clothing just for a collector's item. As much as I'm totally floored by the even thinking of such a thing, I will buy one just to add to my collection. In years to come, perhaps it will be something we can all laugh with and not laugh at. IMO

Dawn Bushman said...

I worry that people will throw them on stage and then Barry will have a bad fall. Not a good thing after hip replacement. I'm praying it will not come to that.

Crissy said...

Barry didn't have hip replacement surgery; he had torn labrum cartilage in both hips repaired.

Anonymous said...


I doubt if such a thing would ever happen. Despite what some people think, the fans do have more sense than that. And for the record, he did not have hip replacement, but arthroscopic hip repair. Hip replacement would be about 6 months recovery. Let's hope that doesn't happens.

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