Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weddings, Relatives, and everything in between

This is the week that my daughter finally says "I do" to the man of her dreams. It's going to be an absolutely beautiful ceremony with an absolutely beautiful bride. All the drama (and yes there was drama) will be worth it when she walks down that aisle and smiles one of her biggest smiles.

I've watched those reality shows on television about weddings and it always baffled my mind as to how things could get so complicated. Believe me, now I know. I think it's because you are dealing with so many people with so many emotions and trying to coordinate with so many wedding vendors. It escalates into drama after drama, when all you really wanted to do was have a nice, simple wedding. Fat chance.

Hopefully, the drama will NOT continue at the wedding. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and keeping some people separated as best I can to avoid the conflict. It seems no matter how hard I try, there is always conflict.

God willing, and the stars are all aligned, I will get to drop in on a Manilow show while I am there. Perhaps my family will let me sneak away for a few hours (shhh...don't tell them).

Finally finished packing and now it's Vegas baby!
Texas Fan


Jill said...

Relax and enjoy

Dawn Bushman said...

Congrats and good luck, and have a safe trip!

Bonnie said...

Congratulations. I'm sure everything will go as planned. Have a wonderful time and just remember to breathe.

you begin again.... said...

You know I'm with you in spirit all the way. Here's to no unnecessary drama and a beautiful wedding and fun reception. Think of me and order a Cosmo. ;-)

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