Sunday, October 4, 2009

Personal Message from Barry

Hi everyone

Well, things certainly have gotten exciting around here!

On the one hand, I'm really sorry to have caused so much pandemonium by postponing and canceling a few shows.On the other hand, I'm very glad that these shows mean so much to you.

Frankly, I'm not exactly sure whether the upset is that I cancelled a few shows or the way I cancelled them.

It seems to me that as soon as my doctors scheduled my surgery, I posted the rescheduling information with enough time for everyone to make new plans. After all, it's only a few shows, I thought.

The doctors tell me that I need between four and six weeks to recuperate so canceling six Hilton shows didn't seem like such a big deal and since the San Diego/Sacramento shows hadn't really been on sale for too long, it didn't seem as if that would cause too many people a lot of trouble.

But I guess I was wrong. So sorry if I was wrong. I really wasn't going to announce my personal, private hip troubles again, but I guess I have to since the freaking out seems to be getting out of hand.

You know, my friends, we're only human. I know many of you think I'm not, but stuff happens to humans. Deaths in the family, sicknesses, technical problems, late arrivals, etc. We all do the best we possibly can all the time to never disappoint you. But stuff happens to us humans. And as hard as we try, we just can't always be perfect.

Out of all the complaints there were only two people who wrote, "I hope Barry's okay". Only two. That was an eye-opener.

You must believe that when things like this happen- cancellations, postponements, delays - there is always a legitimate and unmovable reason for them.

You all must know by now, that me, Garry, John, Marc, Vicki, Kirsten and everyone at Stiletto take your loyalty and friendship very, very seriously and with the utmost responsibility.
If things like this happen, you have to know by now that we have looked at every way to fix problems and that there is absolutely nothing that we can do before we make decisions like this. We all know that it's going to cause people to be upset and it kills us to have to change things.

Causing you guys pain and upset is awful for all of us. We would never make these decisions if there were any other way out.

Once again, my sincere apology to anyone who has been affected by my personal problems.
I'll try to recover as fast as I can.


Just a few comments:
1-We aren't inhuman. Of course we wish him well and would never want him to be in pain.
2-All of this could have been alleviated by simply saying: Sorry guys, need to have some surgery. Be back in 6 weeks.
3-Here's what he said just a few days ago:
"I’ve been getting comments about how thin I look these days. That’s me. Skinny guy. But I’m healthy and filled with energy and thank goodness, I still have my hair! So please don’t be concerned about me."
3-Perhaps one day Stiletto will learn that honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.
4-Personal message to Barry: Please take care of yourself and if it's time to get off the stage and work on creative projects, we completely understand. We will miss you, but, your health ALWAYS comes first!

Texas Fan


Dawn Bushman said...

Yeah, now they need damage control for the damage control. :o)

I'm still wondering when someone is going to let San Diego and Sacramento know their shows are being rescheduled. They are still selling tickets and advertising concerts that aren't going to be happening when advertised. I'm sorry to sound like a broken record, but these people also deserve some advance notice.

He has my prayers, hopefully his surgery and recuperation will go well.

Bonnie said...

I don't understand what the big deal was. Why not tell the truth and then everyone would have understood from the beginning. Of course we all want him to be well, that's a given, but the message from him right before the cancellations said that he was healthy, so what were we supposed to think?

They had a perfectly good reason so why not say so? They didn't have to elaborate on what type of surgery he needed, just the fact that his doctors advised him to take a few weeks off to recover, plane and simple.

They still don't realize that people WILL freak out when they don't know the REASON WHY!!!

texas_fan said...

Dawn, I agree. Someone needs to officially inform those two venues.

Bonnie, They will never learn that a little bit of honest information will dissuade ALL the rumors and the unhappiness. Even a 2-year old knows that if you cross the street in front of a car you will get hit.

Jill said...

Nobody is perfect.

texas_fan said...

Right Jill. Not Barry...nor his fans.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to poor communication between a bizillion dollar company and the people who put them there. Of course we care about Barry, how could any idiot think not, otherwise we wouldn't be here! Granted, it is his personal life but it affects so many people. We are supposed to be his "friends". Friends don't do that to other friends.

A simple, truthful explanation is all we asked for, he's informed us before when he was having surgery, why hide it now. Don't like being jerked around and yes Barry, we did freak out, and for good reason.

We do wish Barry the best, but he needs to look at the people behind him and wonder how to make this better, just hope he'll be ok.

The cancellation message was certainly poorly written, IMO, probably by some 20 year old intern at Stiletto who was told to get something out there quickly and stop the insanity.

Music Lover

Anonymous said...

I dont think an intern wrote it...I think Barry did. ANd -poof- now it is gone!

The Manilow world has become a study in human craziness!!! Between crazed fans, lies, Barry's tirade...jeeze , what next?


texas_fan said...

I prefer not to ask what's next...because if it follows the previous weeks of bizarre events heaven only knows what is in store in this crazy world of Manilow.

Anonymous said...

This is all way to exhausting. It's supposed to be fun but has become too personal. I just hope things improve and people are back to their happy selves when talking about the Manilow world.

Hope you are all well.

Music Lover

Anonymous said...

I agree. Honesty is always the best policy. It definitely beats damage control and trying to clean up a mess!

I also agree with the comment that the cancellation message was poorly written - Yes! I think you are right about it being scribbled out by a SigEp. I teach writing on the college level and that message was poorly crafted and not professional - about what you would expect from a fraternity kid. I would expect much more professionalism from anyone representing Barry and/or his management company.

I keep wondering where Carol Marshall is in all of this? It seems like Stiletto is lacking any sort of PR representation or advisement. Everything used to be handled much more professionally - what has happened to this organization? Sometimes I wonder if Barry even knows what is going on and how his organization makes him appear? In my opinion, Barry needs to do some "house cleaning" in the staff. There's too many "kids" who lack any kind of decorum, common sense, empathy, or professionalism.

It seems as if the personal message from Barry was personal and written by him but without much careful drafting. It rambles and repeats and past messages from him seem more polished. This one reads as hurried and emotional, like he had to get the message out, but it was difficult for him to find the right words and he was frustrated. There also seems to be a wee bit of his temper coming through. In my opinion, this letter is about as honest as we will likely ever see him be. I may be totally wrong and this may be another creation by an intern. It reads as if the "good man" we all know is in there somewhere is struggling to get out and do the right thing - maybe against the advice of someone else.

Honestly, I think Barry has lost touch with "real people" and the fans to the degree that to him canceling a few shows at the Hilton seems like no big deal. He may feel like he has done well to finish out the year without having to cancel more considering his situation. We don't know how long he has been hurting, but some of us who have been at the shows the past year suspected it as far back as last fall or last spring.

He probably has no clue that it takes many months of saving for most fans to make these trips to Las Vegas. He should feel honored that most of us do all of this just to see him perform. Maybe this has been his "ah ha" moment. I remember the story Keely told at the 07 convention about Barry not knowing what an ATM was.

It saddened me to read that Barry felt disappointed that only two people mentioned being concerned about him. There has been so much negativity written online lately regarding the treatment of fans and the cancellations, if he reads any of the boards, as many fans claim he does, what else could we expect him to think? Hopefully he knows that maybe we are more like family and friends than he realizes (or wants to acknowledge) and always want only what is best for him and his health. Family and friends sometimes fight, fuss, and disagree, but they still love and care abut each other and will rally to the cause if someone in the circle of family or friends needs support.

I hope his surgery goes well and he has a speedy recovery, but I also hope he takes the time off he truly needs to heal completely and doesn't rush back to work too soon.

I will be keeping him in my prayers as I have through his bout with pneumonia, a broken ankle, broken nose, a reaction to medication, oral cysts, heart problems, many bouts of bronchitis, the previous hip surgery, the loss of his mother, and the heartbreak of "Harmony" that are all a part of Barry being human.

No, Barry, I haven't forgotten that you are human, but please don't forget those of us who have been here for so long and through so much with you. We want you to be healthy and happy - even if it means scaling back on your schedule and projects. We only ask that you remember that we are only human too.

Mary said...

Just have to say it would have all been avoided if the TRUTH was told at the beginning! Barry says in one letter *I am Fine* Then next cancels concerts and people wonder and then he takes umbrage that people are annoyed because as far as we know he is *thin, but fine* I KNOW it is his personal business that he needs further hip surgery BUT could he not let his *friends* (his words not mine) know! Then he feels he has to write and tell the truth and is amazed at the upset! As folks have said it takes months of saving to get to these concerts his tickets are not exactly cheep and for some of us coming from other parts of the world costs more! Come on!
I DO wish Barry well and hope he recovers well and fast.
This whole business could have been handled so much better and then their would be no hurt feelings from *friends* and Barry.

AWP said...

To everyone out there who freaked out, you must not buy tickets to very many concerts -- this is not the first time I have had a concert rescheduled -- I feel horrible about the rumors that began to fly about Barry's health. I know that even with a bum hip he will be able to entertain us all for years to come -- Barry don't wait too long...I don't care if you sing in a wheelchair -- I won't ask for my money back.

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