Sunday, October 25, 2009

Manilow at the Hollywood Bowl

I know everyone is waiting to hear "details" about the show last night. Here is a text I received from a friend after the show last night:

"Vegas plus Dave Koz plus One Voice plus Forever and a Day. Voice good, but show nothing special."

And some pics from @starzbz on Twitter.

I'm sure as the day progresses we will hear more details. From all early reports it sounds like it was an amazing night.
Texas Fan


markmontes said...

What was the song Barry played at the Hollywood Bowl with Dave Koz last night?

texas_fan said...

Have no idea..however it's usually Brooklyn Blues.

Mary said...

yes it was Brooklyn Blues and it was good tho I felt Barry was looking tired and walking laboriously, sooner he gets into hosp for his surgery the better. The songs were fine the crowd were not tho they did warm up near the end. His voice cracked a little on songs but all in all a good show. For me a good show not a great show BUT that is just my opinion.

Terry said...

You've slightly misquoted me. What I said was: "Voice good, but show nothing special."

texas_fan said...

Oops...sorry about that Terry. Just made the correction :>)

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