Thursday, October 22, 2009

Manilow Twitter News

Things have been pretty silent in the Manilow world these days. No "official" announcements of much of anything, except Barry telling us in his last set of shows that "the ink isn't dry yet" so he can't reveal where he will be going in Vegas.

Twitter has had some interesting tweets lately re: Mr. Manilow via Steven Friess @TheStripPodcast:

Source says Barry manilow's move 2 Paris official + opens valentines wkd coinciding w new love song album. Show has french theme. #Vegas

A french theme? Now that's something I can sink my teeth into. And...the Paris? My absolutely number one favorite hotel in Las Vegas. It sounds like something "official" will be coming soon.

Ah...nutella crepes!
Texas Fan


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the Paris is STILL rumor too. It's becoming "speculation" more and more every day. Until it IS 'official', it ain't Paris yet.

texas_fan said...

..speculation..rumors..innuendos. It's all part of the news cycle. Just reporting what is out there.

Survivor said...

I don't care where he is, although the Paris would be divine, just announce something soon please!!!
When you live over 5000 miles away with nothing to look forward to it is a looooong Autumn!!

Jill said...

Well, where he goes is not that important. If that is what he wants - so be it.

monica jeffress said...

It would be even better if Barry decided to do ' London' at the London Palladium, just my thoughts on his future, lol, its a dream of course

Bonnie said...

We all need to be patient. While he is still under contract to the Hilton (until the end of December) he probably can't say "Officially" just yet. They still have seats to sell for the remaining shows after all.

But I will tell you that when I was at the October 3rd show, and he sang "Brooklyn Blues", when he got to the part where he sings "I've done rock and roll in PARIS, he emphasized PARIS and pointed in it's direction and winked with a little smirk on his face. That clue was as subtle as a sledgehammer for me.

Must brush up on my French LOL.

Dawn Bushman said...

Maybe the B strings will sell better there? LOL.

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