Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beautiful Music

Out with the negative..I'll find a positive way...

Today I have been listening to "Beautiful Music/I Made It Through the Rain" combination from the Live in Britain CD. Several lines from both those songs ring true in my life right now and as I've listened, once again the music has ministered to me.

Before I knew that I was blessed
When I was just like the rest of the people
Who never let dreams in their minds

I never was a dreamer really. People would call me a realist. Although, I am most always optimistic. I tend to see the glass half full, instead of half empty. I felt dreams never really did come true for the most part. That we had to make our own way in this life and it usually wasn't very much fun.

Before I knew what good could be
When I couldn't see the need or the reason
For trusting in me or my star

I always felt that most of the choices I made in life were not the best ones. Wishing upon a star was for children. You got what life handed you and you made the best you could with what you were given and lived with the consequences of those bad choices.

When friends are hard to find
And life seems so unkind
Sometimes you feel afraid

Fear is the emotion that grips us and keeps us stuck in limbo. We can't move. We can't change. We feel like we are the only ones and that nobody understands how we feel.

and when I heard about hurtin' and healin'
beautiful words about beautiful feelings
what lots of believin' could do
beautiful music, I knew it just had to be true

It's miraculous what music can do. It can heal our hurts. It can motivate us to dream. It can make us believe in things that to most might seem impossible. And when we begin to believe and trust our hearts and "chase our fears away", that's when we can see that all our dreams are merely God's way of building our faith.

And now I laugh and now I cry like a baby
Livin' and lovin' each day and just maybe,
For all the good things that come true
Beautiful music
The best of my blessings is you

And so the music did what it always does, it worked its magic and reminded me that dreams really do come true. That no matter how impossible those prayers might seem or how out of reach something might appear, all we have to do is let go of the fear and believe. All we need is some faith and some belief in ourselves and our dreams. Then one day, when we least expect it, the "sun appears and we come shining through those lonely years".

Thanks Barry, for years and years, of "beautiful music" and for showing me that dreams really do come true.

Texas Fanilow

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Steph said...

Your post is so true and really hit home with me. It made me look back and see where it all started for me. I have had to have that "I Made It Through the Rain" attitude through life. I think it makes one stronger to DREAM and hold on to HOPE. Just a few months ago I was really down to think I would never have the opportunity to reconnect with someone I lost touch with years ago. I held on to the hope and it happened. I have someone very special back in my life, and I am so grateful to the dreams and hopes I held on too.
Loved your post !

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