Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Those Funny Faces...

There's nothing that makes me smile more than a Manilow facial expression. I love catching those magical moments at a concert and capturing them on film. I think as Manilow fans we are the luckiest in the world. We can take as many photographs as we like without hesitation or harassment. And...even greater...we share them with one another. We share them with those who have never seen Barry live. We share them with the lucky ones who get to dance with him so they can capture that moment on film forever. We share them with each other so that we can keep those memories close to our hearts.

So when I feel down, (like today), I just pull up some of those expressively funny photos and they make me smile. It's a simple thing..but there's nothing like a funny face from the one who makes the whole world sing to brighten my day.

Thanks for the smiles Barry...today and every day,
Texas Fanilow


Debbie said...

Those funny faces sure put a smile on our faces. I to have looked at pictures I have taken (and pics taken by other people that are on the web or sent to me) and you can't help but smile.
People try to get the "perfect" picture of Barry at the shows, but sometimes the perfect picture includes that special expression.
Keep Smiling!!!!

Steph said...

Barry has always had a way to bring a smile to so many, rather it be with his pics or music. I'm glad that pic could bring a smile and a laugh to you today.....


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