Friday, January 11, 2008

TOP TEN favorite lines from Barry's songs...

Someone on the Bnet (amazingly) brought up this topic today and it really got me thinking. What are my favorite lines and why. Since they limited it to 5 I chose five of them, however I prefer to pick a TOP TEN here and elaborate as I so often tend to do.

1-All The Time: "wanting to be me, but needing to belong.."
We've all been there. Pretending to be someone else so that people would accept us. Thinking that all we have to do is conform to what they want and they will love us. But finally realizing that if you lose who you are do they love you, or just the person they want you to be?

2-I Am Your Child: "all that I am you taught me to be"
This song has great significance for me because it was one day that I realized after someone using the words to that song that I didn't have to live with guilt any longer. That I had done everything I could possibly do for some loved ones who had literally died in my arms. And that realization set me free once and for all and made me realize that I did exactly what they would have wanted me to do.

3-Stars in the Night: “are we fools to see the hope that's gleaming in the skies…”
There's a verse in the Bible that says..hope deferred, makes the heart sick. Without hope we can't live in this world. Without hope we can't dream. And without our dreams we can't reach beyond the stars and grab hold of all there is for us..more than just a piece of sky!

4-Where You Go: "where you go I will go, maybe scared, but together.."
Friendship means everything to me. We need each other. We need to hold each other's hands through hell or the promised land and walk it together. We might be scared and we might be hesitant to take that leap, but there is strength when we hold on and don't let go.

5-Mandy: "you came and you gave without taking"
This is the truest picture of unconditional love. Giving and not expecting anything in return. These simple words speak volumes of what love is meant to be.

6-Where I Want to Be: "truly is the finest love I have to give, I ask the same of you.."
These words remind me of God's love for us. And how he only asks that we love Him and each other in the same way.

7-Weekend in New England: “I feel a change coming, I feel the wind blow..I feel brave and daring”
The last year has been a brave and daring adventure of faith. And most recently, these words were the call words for some great miracles and for some marvelous moments that I will never soon forget.

8-Every Single Day: "was that the bridge we should have crossed, the one we burned?"
Regret. We all have it. This song reminds us that you have to risk it all for love. Because when you love from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, it's worth the risk.

9-Show Me:
“I don’t know how to begin to let myself let you in, but you, maybe you could show me"
We all put those walls up. Those walls keep us from loving and being loved. But for some of us, God sends someone to us that helps us see that its ok to let the wall down and open up our hearts to that love. Sometimes all we need is someone that is willing to love us unconditionally.

10-One Voice: "hands are joined and fears unlocked..."
Our voices joining hands can move mountains, conquer evil, promote peace and give back hope to the hopeless.There is no fear in love because perfect love drives out all fear.

I love taking a trip down Manilow lane and reminiscing about all the songs that have moved me in 2007. And I'm sure as 2008 unfolds I'll be finding even more gems to inspire me.

Thanks Barry for singing and writing the songs,
Texas Fanilow

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