Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Email Conversation

This morning I received this email from my 27 year old daughter:

Just an fyi little tidbit...
I think one of my new favorite songs is "When October Goes". And I would be willing to bet that is your least favorite. :) We tend to disagree the majority of the time on song choices.

I almost fell out of my chair! First of all I had no idea she was listening to Manilow music. I hoped, I prayed, I wished she was since our mutual concert experience in Dallas. But to find out she was actually listening...

She has no idea I have been listening to that album for a week now. Or that I adore that song. Or that I have just blogged about all the fun little twists that I have found while listening. So, being the great Mother that I am and the awesome Manilow Fan that I am, I respond to her email:

OMG Jillian..that song is from my new fav album of his..Paradise Café...I LOVE that song so much. I should make you a copy of that album. I didn't even know you had that song.

Her next email proved to me the most shocking of all:

The whole album is on my ipod

I guess I had made a huge error in judgment regarding her musical taste. This from a girl who listens to Ashlee Simpson, Hillary Duff, Aerosmith, George Strait and Matchbox 20. Well, go figure. Not only did she have the song, she has the album on her Ipod. Now this is a surprise to me because I took her numerous cd's the last time I visited her but I fully expected them to get stuffed in a drawer somewhere and never uploaded. Hell had to have frozen over! I could not let this be the final correspondence. So I replied:

Cool. I didn't know I gave you that one. If you listen to it all the way thru there are some really cool things about it. He puts those little things into his music when he arranges. That's really where his talent is.

My favorite song on there is Night Song, the last one. The lyrics to When October Goes were written by Johnny Mercer and his widow gave Barry all his unpublished lyrics when he died. Then Barry wrote the music to the song.

Well...I had to fill her in on the details. Maybe now she'll appreciate the music just a little more and listen more carefully. Or maybe she just found a gem on that album and that one song spoke to her. Either way, I'm happy to report that yet another "youngster" has been influenced by the man and his music.

It's a great day in the Manilow world!
Texas Fan

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