Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Live on Borrowed Time

Today I received some devastating news...a friend I had met through Barry's music has passed away: Karen Roach. I knew her only for a short time, but she brought laughter and joy into my life and I will dearly miss her. She loved Paradise Cafe and Barry's music brought her great joy. When she was happy, she loved to play that music loudly. She loved reality television (we had that in common) and her bird was like a member of the family. She and David had many happy years together. The first time I met them was in Las Vegas in August of 2006. They sat next to my friend Mandy and me on the stage left. Mandy got the dance that night, but Karen was so happy for her. We were both grinning ear to ear. Afterwards we met in Tempo and got to know each other and exchanged emails and thus the friendship began. Karen was a kind-hearted, loving individual who genuinely cared about others. I only wish I had been able to spend more time with her but I am grateful for the time that I had. She will be dearly missed.

We live on borrowed time
No one can be sure when the loan will finally come due
But I'm loving all of mine, I know what time is for,
I've borrowed it so I can spend it all right here with you

There was a time when I believed that life held guarantees
There was a time when I was sure my future was secure,
But life had other plans, the future's in God's hands
And knowing that just makes me love you even more

We live on borrowed time
Yesterday is past, tomorrow seems a million miles away
But I promise you that I'm gonna make love last
By living every moment, every hour, every day

Now we may have a year, or we may have a lifetime,
No one can be certain what the future will allow,
But you and I are here, and this time is the right time
'Cause one thing that I know is that we have each other now, and now,

And we live on borrowed time
Let's celebrate and sing as we walk bravely into the unknown
'Cause we're gonna be just fine, whatever life may bring,
We'll face it all together and we'll never be alone
We'll face it all together and we'll never be alone


you begin again.... said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, S. You and her friends and family are in my prayers.


livelylinda said...

I'm so sorry to hear of Karen's passing. My prayers and thought are with David and his family. I never had the chance to meet her like you did, but we shared many emails and I considered her a friend. She will be missed.

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