Sunday, July 6, 2008

Remembering Boston

This morning I got on a plane to leave the city that I love. Yes. Boston. The city where freedom took a foothold in this country. The city where great authors came to write and discuss their philosophy of life such as Thoreau's "On Walden Pond". The city that pays tribute to the sacrifices that were made for our freedom. So I felt it only fitting to share some memorials that I witnessed this past weekend while on the Freedom Trail in Boston.

Old Granery Burial Ground where many patriots of the American Revolution are laid to rest.

Veterans of the foreign wars that have been fought to preserve our freedom in this country.

A memorial to the veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq (individual dog tags).

A panel from the Holocaust Memorial memorializing all the victims by concentration camp numbers etched on six glass towers.

Freedom always comes with a price...
Texas Fan

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