Monday, November 3, 2008

The 80's Album

I've just spent the last few minutes listening to "Islands in the Stream". Boy, did that bring back some great memories from the shows I attended last month. That song just makes you smile ear to ear and you can't help but get excited toward the end of it. Barry outdid himself with this one. He took a country song and amped it up 1000 percent to give us a rocking rendition that keeps running around in your head weeks after you have heard it. I think seeing Barry do it with the girls just made it even more special and now when I listen to it I can't help but remember all the fun they were having with this song; along with audience who couldn't possibly stay seated during the performance.

The other song he sang in the show was "Never Gonna Give You Up". It was tons of fun as well. Uptempo and true to the Manilow magic, the arrangement made you want to stand up and sing along. He used that song on several nights for the "fan interaction" and it seemed to be the perfect moment to insert a little snuggle during the song.

When I heard "Open Arms" in June, it moved me beyond belief. I know it wasn't polished but even in its raw state it gave me goosebumps. When I listen to that performance now it takes me back to that night in June and I remember every emotion I had when I heard the first few chords of that song. The arrangement of it leading to the crescendo at the end shows that Barry knows how to build a song and deliver at the end. I've watched Journey's version online and it can't compare to Barry's in my opinion.

I've heard three songs live from this new album. And I have to say if the rest are that good he's going to have another hit--maybe his biggest decade album yet! I truly can't wait for the release of this one.

Waiting for the 80's,
Texas Fan

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