Saturday, November 22, 2008

What Happened to the Music?

I was in my car today driving from store to store and put in the one Barry cd I have in my car. It's a cd that I made after the Dallas concert. The first song that came on was Weekend in New England and I recognized a feeling that had long since been forgotten. The feeling that I used to get when I listened to him sing. I sat in the parking lot and closed my eyes and listened to the music. And as I listened, I wondered what had happened to take away the joy that I once had at the shows in Las Vegas, at the arena concerts, and at home simply listening to the music.

What happened to the music? Simple. It got drowned out by the drama. At some point about a year ago I realized that for so many, it's so much more than the music. It's about vying for attention. It's about jockeying for the number one spot in line. It's about sitting as close as you can as often as you can. It's about stalking not only Barry, but the fans. It's about harassing those who voice their disdain for this type of behavior. It's about name calling, and all kinds of vicious hateful emails and inuendos. It's about grabbing, and pulling and stretching to try and touch the one who so graciously gives and gives of himself for the music. Knowing all of this and witnessing it first hand, tends to detract from the music.

This kind of behavior offers such a negative connotation of fandom. Now, when someone says, "Oh, you're a Barry Manilow fan", it's not uncool anymore, it's downright humiliating. When a group of concierges witness this behavior can you imagine what they are telling their guests when they ask about the show? When the press witnesses this type of behavior, the fans become a cult-like following. When other fans (those who have some sense of balance in their lives) witness this over-the-top behavior they leave the theater in shock.

All of this drama not only distracts Barry, and causes everyone to have a less than positive concert experience; but it causes turmoil in the audience. And when turmoil and dissent occur, the drama overpowers the music. A week of shows always brings new drama from those fans who consistently insist on letting their obcession motivate their actions. What will it take for them to stop?

I don't know about you. But I miss the music.
Texas Fan


Stephanie said...

The Blog speaks so many words. Thank you. I have come to the conclusion that the MUSIC is the one thing these neaurotic idiots will never be able to touch. Hell, they don't get the music anyway. No interest there. Their interest lies what is below the belt only. It is amazing how these people never grasp the idea that they are the joke amongst so many by acting the way they do.

We will always have the music....

Peachy said...

The blog was spot on as always. When people outside that have never been around a group of fans can make observations, then it is really bad. Why? When Barry and his camp ignore and show their disgust (we can see it but those it is directed to don't), it is a sad state of affairs. Next month, it will be totally interesting and human theater AT IT'S BEST. I just hope nothing ends up on CNN. Stay tuned.

Crissy said...

What will it take for them to stop? Since they seem to be totally clueless about how unacceptable their behavior is, I'm afraid it's going to take a restraining order. Unfortunately that would probably mean that one or several of them have gone too far and Barry's safety and or security would have been compromised in some way before Garry Kief and Barry's lawyers could get one. Other than that, maybe a public verbal smackdown in front of the rest of the fans would shame this bunch into never showing their faces in Vegas or anywhere else Barry's appearing ever again.

you begin again.... said...

Can't add anything to what's already been said. I haven't been around that long and I tried desperately to give everyone the benefit of the doubt before believing stories on the Internet. You know how those rumors get out of control. But my eyes and ears don't lie and I realized there is a reason for the fan splits in this group.
No idea what the normal folks are supposed to do with these scenarios but I'd sure as hell like to know.

Survivor said...

I was just talking to a friend about this very subject the other day. She is coming to see Barry at the O2 and she is not a fan and has never seen him before. But it got me thinking about music. I think you have got it right as usual. Do they really hear the music and feel the music. When I first heard Barry I was completely mesmerised by the music and the lyrics, I got lost in them. Then I looked up and saw the man and went Wow! Then I spent some time getting to know the man behind the music and found a really beautiful human being that I would be proud if my sons turned out like him. But always it's the music, every time I listen to a CD I haven't heard for a while I hear something different. He certainly achieves what I think he wants to with me, he makes me feel! They just don't get it even if they say they do! If they really did then they wouldn't treat him in this way.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Thankfully we have the catalog of music that will last generations...much longer than the sequenced-wearing loonies that do exactly as you said. I'm looking forward to Barry's gig at the Paris! :)

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