Monday, August 10, 2009

Barry Manilow is NOT on the D-List,,,

...and neither is Kathy Griffin.

I'll admit it. Kathy Griffin is my guilty pleasure. I know she's crass. And vulgar. And has no shame. But she always seems to make fun of "celebrity" and that's what cracks me up. She's the antithesis of decorum and respect. She asks the questions that everyone wants to ask, but is afraid to ask. And she is not afraid to make a fool of herself for her comedy. Some people just need to lighten up and laugh.

So, there I was, sitting in my comfy chair tonight watching Kathy and Suzanne Somers call Barry Manilow. I could not stop laughing. Why? Because it was obvious he was NOT impressed and it was also obvious that she had absolutely no shame. Kathy, "Who is richer? You or Somers?"...Barry, "I think today it's me. But you know it's not about the money. It's about the heart." Gosh. He always has the perfect answer, doesn't he? Always a man of humility. Kathy, "Suzanne won't give me any of your personal contact information." Barry, "I wonder why? Bye." Gee, not even Kathy can get that info!

Of course, it's all in fun--scripted reality. And in the end, Barry and Suzanne show up at the reveal of her star. And, as always, Barry was smiling and laughing right along with her. But you've got to wonder, was it acting? I've seen that look before...many times "outside" of the theater. I wonder if Barry will indeed end up in her act. Now that, I'd like to hear.

At any rate, we all got a great cameo appearance on TV and what more could Manilow fans ask for? (a cameo appearance in person--but we can all dream, can't we?)

Crackin' up in Texas,
Texas Fan


you begin again.... said...

I watched this with Pete tonight. Ever see the show "Lie to Me" on Fox? Where the detectives use physical cues and facial expressions to get to the bottom of a mystery, who's lying, what their emotions are, etc?

Pete can do that.

So it's really fun to watch Barry in these situations and get Pete's take on it. The conclusion tonight was he was not at his most comfortable.

That could be wrong, but that's how it looked from our comfy chair tonight.

Great post. MUAH!!!

texas_fan said...

I have watched that show. And I find it fascinating to watch people and in my estimation, Barry is an open book with his "looks" and body language. We could both be wrong, but after a few years of seeing that look, I highly doubt it.

Jill said...

Since I don't get to watch things that my daughter and son in law don't watch (which is most of the good shows) I did not get to see it. Guess I will just have to wait to see it on my puter or elsewhere. To me he has always seemed uncomfortable when he is "not in charge". Bless his heart.

Anonymous said...

I think Barry keeps going to these things to make his appearance -- you know the 'I'm here celebrating with others'(politics of the famous). But if the person that is being celebrated isn't 'a deep thinker' or superficial, I don't think Mr. Manilow enjoys the occasion quite as much.

Anonymous said...

I watch "Lie to Me" and I minored in Psych., he really wants NOT to be mentioned on the show judging by his moves and face. She spent yrs. trying to label and out people rightly or not. She,s a loose cannon loaded with hot air and BS.

Allayne said...

I didn't know about Mr. M's moment on television. Sounds fun. Enjoyed your write up. Also the blog about The Hilton, I agree staying current is only good business. Take a walk over to my blog 'Vancouver Nights'. Thanks my friend for getting me going!!

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