Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a difference a day makes...

...24 little hours. Sounds like tonight's show was much "better" in regards to the audience participation and the seamless flow of things. "Sandra" was removed and some of the hits were reinserted (Ships, Somewhere Down the Road, and I Write the Songs) all reappeared.

Apparently adjustments were made for the faulty keyboard issues and everyone seemed noticeably more relaxed and at ease. There was no interaction on the right side of the stage, but the left side had several visits and acknowledgments.

All in all, it seemed that order has been restored in Manilow land and judging by the two Platinum photos I viewed (Jami Russell and her mom--lovely photos btw) Barry seemed to be happy this evening and enjoyed his visits with the fans.

There was no appearance in Tempo tonight although the area was "swept" prior to the show letting out AND the dancing tonight was (how should I put this) entertaining.

Time for some much needed shuteye,
Texas Fan


ManilowFan34 said...

Great to hear! I hope everyone had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne --

I am so looking forward to your review of the shows and anything else you might want to throw in : )

Jill said...

Glad things were back to "normal". Maybe one day I'll be able to get out there while he is there. Unfortunately that won't be any time soon. Darn, never been to Vegas.

Sue said...

Thank you so much for an honest review of the shows you saw in Vegas. It is sad when an artist, like Barry, sees his audience walking out because he then knows how boxed in the public has him. When the hits were added back in the next night, the audience stayed. It is easy to forget how small a segment the die hard fans make up of the audience each night in Vegas. The old saying “give the public what they want” certainly applies to Barry and the public only want the hits.


you begin again.... said...

Glad that the issues got straightened out for everyone. I've said before in my own concert posts if there's issues with the performance, you can bet part of it is the audience. In this case, a part of it was technical issues too, but IMHO that's in addition to the barbarians. ;-)

Here's to more great shows in the upcoming weeks!

Crissy said...

I don't know what makes me happier;reading that Barry's show went much smoother last night or that he didn't put in an appearance at Tempo. I'm sorry that he felt it necessary to remove Sandra and a few other Mayflower songs, but he didn't go to Tempo or anywhere else a certain group of people could gawk at him or try for another coerced photo opportunity. By the way, Suzanne, what was up with the dancing?

Dawn said...

I heard part of the show last night and it sounded wonderful. His voice was strong, and from the description I got, Barry was in great form and having a really good time with the audience. I'm so glad all the other issues were straightened out and the show went on as usual.

thank you, Suzanne for your take and honesty always.

texas_fan said...

Use your imagination and add 10 :>)

Crissy said...

Use your imagination and add 10 :>)
I didn't know the management had installed poles in Tempo! Did Sisqo's thong song get played by any chance?

Anonymous said...

I have friends who are there. She said the head woohoo and her alphabet counterpart sit outside Tempo near the showroom for hours during the day. They are hoping for a 'moment' Sad, but true.

Regarding WooHoo from NJ- What gets me is the obsessive ,excessiveness of going to Vegas each and every time Barry is there and staying not 1, but 2 weeks and having to be in the front row every night. I dont care how much money you have..this person has children and a husband...and her behavior is bordering on psychotic. A friend figured that she spents over $30,000 a year on running after Barry. Her husband should seek help for her..she needs it. Sit near her during a show and you will see what I mean.

I have heard everyone from TPTB, showroom personnel and M Store employees make comments about her over the top behavior.

It is just pathetic.


texas_fan said...

For the record..the dance comment was related to a non-Manilow fan that was quite entertaining. Nothing more.

afan said...

Have you ever met Mary? Have you ever met her children or her husband? Do you know what kind of relationship she has with her kids or her husband? Do you know her financial situation? If you have answered no to these questions, then you need to shut up. If Mary is not hurting anyone including you, then why do you care? Go have fun with your friends and let others enjoy Barry how they want and quit writing about others you know nothing about!! If you are concerned for her, writing about her here is helping no one!! Write about something you know about and something that is worth reading.

Anonymous said...

As Suzanne so eloquently posted in another thread...

People judge you by your actions. If you don't want to be perceived a certain way, then don't behave that way.

When a person puts themselves out there on public boards as a sex starved, middle-aged screaming woohoo ,then they are asking for the fallout it causes. Perhaps acting in a more mature manner on the boards and at concerts might be worth consideration.

I may not know this person personally(as I would never want to be associated with someone who acts in this immature fashion) but I have witnessed first hand the board posts and concert behavior and it is on that that my comments are based.


Anonymous said...

But why attack someone on a public blog whom you have never met or never met any of their family members? Why the fasicnation over her....I don't get it! Yes, perception is a big part of how others view us, but by taking a minute to say hello and getting to know someone is far better than sitting in judgement of others on your high horse! Granted we are never going to agree on this topic but is it really worth talking about at all. There are intelligent news worthy topics posted her all the time that I think we can discuss without slandering one another. Hell, maybe I'm wrong, maybe it can't be done, but it sure is worth the try IMHO.

texas_fan said...

Honestly girls...the original topic was about Friday's show and how much better it was than Saturday. Personally, I'd like to end the back and forth banter and get back to the music. What someone does or doesn't do...we can't change. What we can change is what we discuss. So in the interest of trying to get along, I'd like to suggest that we do just that. Change the subject and move forward.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan! I was thrilled to hear that Barry put the Mayflower in again for his return to Vegas. I love how he not only sings the songs so beautifully but he puts such theatrics into his songs it's like watching a movie. He really is such a talented human being!! I really do stand in awe of his talent!! Hoping I get to hear some of it over Labor Day!

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