Sunday, August 2, 2009

Not What You See

Perception is everything. The real problem is that we might not be how we appear but our actions sometimes speak volumes to others. If we want people to see the real us we have to be willing to be vulnerable, open and approachable. We may not feel like we are coming across in a certain way but if we are perceived that way by many, then odds are we are giving the wrong impression.

Looking beneath the surface requires honesty from both parties and a willingness to receive at times criticism and open up to the possibility that your perception might just be wrong. There is always so much more.

I will always have an opinion but I will try very hard to look beneath the obvious and ask myself if I am truly seeing what I need to see. If I have learned one thing in the last few months I've learned that the obvious is not always the truth.

Watching the sunrise from a different perspective this morning,
Texas Fan


Jill said...

Yes perception is everything, but it may not always be the right thing. Many of us perceive others in a certain way without really knowing the person. Many times there are those of us who people never really never know because they won't go beyond the "perception" which only they see.

texas_fan said...

That's true Jill. However, people judge you by your actions. And if you don't want to be perceived a certain way, then don't behave that way.If you want to be perceived as honest, don't lie. If you want to be perceived as a good friend, then act like one. If you want to be respected, then act in a respectful manner.

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