Monday, August 17, 2009

Fans, Civilians and Everyone in between

The Manilow world consists of people. And people are different. There die-hard fans. The occasional concert goers. The once in a lifetime attendees. And there are the civilians. Civilians is a term that the longtime fans have given to people who don't understand the man, the music or the concert experience. All these groups are continually clashing with each other over all kinds and types of drama.

  • The fans are out of control and rush the stage
  • The civilians yell at us when we want to stand
  • The fans sing loudly during the show and annoy those sitting next to them
  • The civilians get drunk and fall all over the fans during the show
  • The civilians won't be quiet during the ballads
  • The fans won't sit down and are rude to the people behind them
  • The occasional concert goers don't understand why the fans are yelling at inappropriate times
  • The once in a lifetime attendees can't believe how the die-hard fans behave
  • The civilians just want to sit and enjoy the show
  • The die-hard fans buy the same seats every show to get a chance at a dance or a handshake
  • The occasional fans don't understand why anyone would go to so many shows
  • The civilians won't "get into" the show and enjoy it

Everybody has an opinion. But here's something I've learned in the last few months: they are ALL valid points. What's the solution? Perhaps it is to empathize with the people around you; look at the concert from their point of view. What is it the French say, "C'est la vie

It's just a thought.
Texas Fan


AlwaysHope said...

That's what I've always tried to do - I look around me to see what the rest of the audience is comfortable with. If they don't want to stand, I don't either. And I hope that Barry understands, as well. I know that there have been a lot of fans lately that would have you believe that Barry doesn't even want you at the show if you don't stand and scream for him. I just don't believe that's true.

As for people criticizing others for attending too many shows, or not enough shows, or sitting too close to the front... Live and let live. Do what makes you comfortable, don't worry about the rest.

you begin again.... said...

You described a lot of shows for a lot of artists.

This is why my favorite Barry show of all time was the Saturday when we were there last year: everyone did their own thing: stand up or sit down, yell, don't yell, and everybody was ok w/ everybody else. That's the way it should be.

Jill said...

This made me think of how long it has been since I've seen him in concert. I's been several years. I can see all sides of this. I've never been "up close" so I don't know what that is like. I wish I could have afforded to see him more often. I used to try to take some pictures but most of the time when I tried someone in front of me stood up as I tried to take the picture. I "sang" along (not very well) but I tried not to disrupt those who wanted to hear. Oh well.

texas_fan said...

AlwaysHope, Great insight. Exactly my point.

YBA, You know in The Way We Were when they would sit around and talk about the "best" of things---Best Manilow show (Saturday night, October 25, 2008).

Jill, Hopefully you'll get to see him again soon. And I'm sure your singing did not bother anyone :>)

Tammy_Lou said...

Yes, One of the best shows was Saturday, October 25, 2008. For obvious reasons!

I too completely see your point and I try to be conscientious of those around me. There is a balance that fans and civilians need to understand. As with anything, people can go overboard. I want the occasional concert goer or "civilian" to enjoy the show and come back to see more. I don't want the show to leave a bad taste in their mouth where they will never come back because of rudeness or lack of consideration by the fans. As fans, we need to realize this as well. Like AlwaysHope said, "Live and let live".

Kristen said...

What I don't understand is how the die-hard fans have the money to go to show after show!! If I tried to do that I wouldn't be going to college till I'm forty!!

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