Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's ALL about the music

Yes. It's all about the music...but it doesn't hurt that he's pleasing on the eyes. Here are some pictures from the Dallas Show. A bit of a departure from my wordiness...but...it doesn't hurt to gaze into those baby blues every now and then.

Texas Fanilow


Steph said...

Taking a break from work here and saw the pics. How the memories have flooded me. I love the new LAVA LAMP ! And the chair, my daughter is having me look for that chair. LOL !


Anonymous said...

Hey there is nothing wrong with a bit of eye candy in our lives, at least this sort of candy doesn't go staight to the hips!!!!!!!!LOL
Thanks for sharing the pics.
Your aussie friend

JJones said...

It may be all about the music, but the look of the man isn't all that bad. He, in fact, is the most handsomest man ever, to me.

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