Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ready to Take a Chance Again

The word is out that Barry has changed the dance song in An Evening of Music and Passion to his hit title song "Ready to Take a Chance Again" from the movie Foul Play. When I first heard it, was I shocked? Not really. It seemed the perfect song to me at the perfect time. Is it a dance song? I guess I'll have to see that one for myself next week in Dallas. Why did he change it? I have my theories. Will it stay in the Vegas show? Only Barry knows the answer to that one.

I sure do like that song, however. I like its message. I like that it puts hope out there bigger than life. I like that it addresses the fact that a life devoid of love and risks is not really living. It's another Manilow message that reminds us that without risks, we can't gain. Life, without taking chances, is "living in a shell" and not really living "very well". I like that message. It speaks to me.

You get what you get when you go for it...
Texas Fanilow


Anonymous said...

I love the song but I don't think it really worked as the dance song. Being a dance girl during the past year, I really missed Moonlight Serenade. Every time I have heard Barry sing it, my dance came back to me as a movie in my head. I hope he decides to keep it in the show. I know he is trying to sing his hits and I do love hearing them, but this song has become very special to me.

Debbie said...

For almost 40 years, I have been living my life day to day and I have to admit I am happy. Sure, there are a few bumps in the road, but nothing I cannot overcome. Since June 2007, I have had many jolts, surprises, etc. My “comfort zone” has been disrupted. But I embraced those changes/disruptions and looked at them in a positive way and because of them; I have taken more and more risks in my life. It’s true, “you get what you get when you go for it”. If you are not happy, take a few risks. Sure, it might be rocky in the beginning, but if you have a strong will, supportive friends, and the spirit behind you, anything is possible.

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