Friday, February 1, 2008

The Outtakes

On the 29th, I rushed out hunting for the DVD of the PBS Special. As luck would have it, I found a copy at Sam's Club. Since I had seen the special when it was aired, I mostly wanted the DVD for the outtakes. For me, outtakes are like the foam in my favorite cappuccino. They are what I look forward to in every one of Barry's DVD releases. And these certainly lived up to my expectations!

Although there were not many of them, the ones they included are worth the price of the DVD. The medley of 70's songs was great, especially You've Got a Friend with all his backup singers. His rendition of that song puts a smile on my face. The interactions while they are all singing are priceless.

Then, there is the jewel of the outtakes: All the Time. Wow. I can't begin to say enough about this song. I have never seen him looking so vulnerable and pensive. The expressions on his face and the way he sang the words to that song made me feel like he was singing it "to" someone. The last line of the song "to think we had it all...all the time" just made me melt. He poured his soul into this one and you can see it all over his face. I won't soon forget the emotion that I felt while watching him sing it.

So if you haven't gotten your hands on this DVD, hopefully now you will want to own it. It's shear Manilow Magic. And if this one doesn't get nominated for another Emmy, those people have lost their emmy-loving minds!

Happy watching,
Texas Fanilow


moonstone said...

I am loving this new DVD too! That outtake of the "water bottle mike" is so funny!


moonstone said...

Geez, I meant mic, not mike - lmao!

Ok, long day.....


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