Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kidd Craddock and Barry

I just got back from Dallas and spent a week there listening to some DJ's on a rock station during morning drive time. My daughter is a HUGE fan of this morning talk show and she told me that the lead DJ (Kid Craddock) was a Barry Manilow fan and that he had been talking about him for a week. So I listened.

Like Barry, you can't take any of the jibes too seriously. It was all in good fun and the guy really is a huge fan. I found it funny though because all of his co-workers just didn't get it and he tried desperately to convert them. It just wasn't happening...

Here's the link to the Podcasts. If you're interested in listening, keep your sense of humor and have some fun. Once you click the link, click on the KPOD box and open the link. Scroll down to the topics that include Barry and listen.

Happy Listening,
Texas Fanilow

KISSFM 106.1 (Barry Manilow Podcasts)

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