Monday, February 25, 2008

Perfect love sends fear flying

I don't know how to begin
To let myself let you in
But you, maybe you
Could show me.

Fear of rejection. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of disappointing someone. Fear of the unknown. All of these keep us from experiencing love. We may want it. We may see it. We may actually feel it. But the fear grips us so that we can't act on it. We hide behind what we know to be safe and comfortable. And even though everything in our being tells us to play it safe, the love that is out there waiting for us is the only thing that can take away that fear.

The problem is that we don't understand this until we find it. We can't grasp the theory of unconditional (perfect) love. The only love we have ever known has hurt us and not been consistent. It has had conditions and required us to act or be a certain way. And so we think and feel that all love is like that. But God's love isn't. And when someone loves you with that kind of love you had better latch on to it. Because it's rare in this world and it's not often you find a love like that. That love never leaves. That love never fails. That love never gives up. That love keeps standing there even if you walk away or reject it. And if you just reach out for it, you will find it waiting patiently and ready for you to say...

Now I find I need, I need to follow you
So won't you help me come through?
My future's long overdue
It's time; I think I'm ready now
And you could show me how.

Perfect love sends fear flying (John 4:18),
Texas Fanilow

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