Wednesday, August 13, 2008

City Rhythm

When my heart is torn apart
By a love I wish I had
Well i spend my nights in the city lights
And things don't seem so bad
You know the movement seems to soothe me
And the tempo takes control
And I lose my blues when the New York City rhythm fills my soul.

I'm a city person. I can't survive in the country. I don't like small towns either. I need the constant "pounding beat of the city streets to keep my dreams alive". When I'm in the city I feel alive. And not just any city...Boston.

Lately, I've had the blues. I miss my city. I miss the tourist activity at Fanueil Hall and Quincy Market. I miss the constant hustle and bustle of the shoppers on Newbury Street. I miss the college students rushing back and forth to class on the Harvard Yard. I miss the joggers training for the Boston Marathon. I miss the businessmen and women rushing to work early in the morning on the T. I miss Red Sox nation cheering at Fenway Park and celebrating at all the bars in the neighborhood. I miss the summer Shakespeare in the park and the outdoor concerts by the Pops at the hatchshell. I miss the quaint pubs and the upscale restaurants and Johnny Rocket's jazz bar in Davis Square.

There is no substitute for Boston in my heart. It's where I want to be.

It's got to be the city rhythm in my life because I lose my blues when the city rhythm fills my soul!

Texas Fan

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Survivor said...

One day, One day soon!!!!

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