Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The New Generation of Fans

Pop on over to the Manilow Network and you will find them: a new generation of Manilow fans. These fans are exactly what Barry is hoping to see at his shows. It's why he keeps performing and recording. It's why his music is ageless. Granted, he appreciates the long-term fans--the ones that have been there since the beginning. But imagine how great it must feel to know that his music is striking a chord with the teenagers today and that they are "listening" and "learning" about quality music--good lyrics and melody. Having them sitting on the front row enjoying his timeless treasures must bring a huge smile to his face and a certain amount of satisfaction and pride.

His music spans generations and those of us who were there in the beginning know that without these young listeners, his legacy might die. We need these fresh ears to hear the magic of Manilow and spread it to their friends and to others in their generation. They recognize strength of character, commitment to work ethic, and unmistakable talent. They don't need years and years of fandom for that; all they need is intelligence and taste.

My hat goes off to all those Young Barry fans on the Manilow Network who support his music and who are keeping it alive in their generation.

A fan is a fan..and a young fan...priceless!
Texas Fan


Survivor said...

I agree with you in that his fan base appears to be changing and I also welcome the fact his music is getting through to a younger generation. . What I worry about is how a couple of these young fans talk about him as a person. He is old enough to be their (dare I say) grandfather! Yet they talk about him as someone they find sexy and attractive. I think if my daughter thought of him in that way I would find it disturbing!
I just hope they don't go over board with their feelings! Older women like me are allowed those fantisies (wrong spelling)!!

Stephanie said...

It is great to see the younger generation appreciating good music and enjoying a wonderful person. Barry must be in heaven when he gets to see the likes of the young faces enjoying his music. It has to be fresh for him to look out and see them, and all the new faces that come to see him and knowing they are there for the great music.

YoungBarryFan said...

Hey Texas fan!
I'm a member of the Young Barry fans group and I'm going to see my first Barry show in December! I really can't wait! I love his music, even if he is old enough to be my grandad lol

Anonymous said...

I'm probably one of the young fans you probably mainly had in mind. I'm always writing about something on the network. But after seeing him in concert last month in the front row, you could see it in his eyes that he did appreciate us being there. It's not everyday you get two 16 year old girls screaming for Barry Manilow. Back in the 70s yes, but in 2008, not so much. haha. I don't just see him as someone who I find attractive. The way I feel about him can't be put into words and it's much more profound than just looks. And BTW, I'm not accusing you of that, that's in response to the "survivor" comment. People don't understand that it's all in good fun. Everything I say isn't literal. My love for Barry is a very personal thing. I do feel so unbelieveably loved and welcomed in the Manilow world. I've made some amazing friends and it's amazing to think all of this because of one man. I'm proud to be a 16 year old Barry Manilow fan. :)

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