Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ultimate Manilow: The Hits

The show reviews for the new show (such as they are) are trickling in. I guess the thing that amazes me is the fact that some people are never happy. No matter what the man does, he can always do better or disappoint.

I've had the "privilege" these past few weeks of being around these type of people. You know the type: the ones who rarely encourage but almost always drag you down. Comments like, "I'm only telling you this to help" or the ever popular "we only want the best for you" followed by cutting jabs related to how you have failed them or have not lived up to their expectations. These people exist in every area of our lives: family, friends, co-workers, and even in the fan communities.

It's hard to weather these types of negative input. The only survival technique that works is to not listen to them--don't open their emails; don't read their comments; don't expose yourself to their negativity. Imagine having hundreds of thousands of these people out there feeling the need to offer their "help" without the slightest concern for how it affects your psyche.

We all have no clue how these negative comments affect the Shadowman. However, these lyrics keep running around in my head this morning: "If they could see behind the smile and find the fear and doubt, they'd turn away". Imagine if you will putting your heart and soul into a new show and hearing that it disappointed, or fell short, or wasn't what your "friends" expected or hoped for.

My mother used to say, "if you can't say anything nice, then just don't say it."
Texas Fan


Survivor said...

I don't believe they are saying negative things already. You are right, some people are never satisfied!
I see debates have opened up on MMN which you are right, what would he be thinking if he caught wind of some of these!!
I think I'll wait and read some reviews I trust can give a much truer picture.
That man can't win no matter what he tries to do!!!

Peachy said...

I could not believe what was being said ... Barry not give his all? He didn't want to be there? Come on. I said a little of what you said in my blog too. I know if I wrote something and people told me "it sucks" I know I would feel terrible. Some are never ever satisfied, yet they wonder why he keeps people away. Do you blame him?

Debbie said...

I was shocked at the comments/reviews as well. It really bothered me this morning. When the show was Music and Passion, he was already doing alot of his hits. Now that its called Ultimate Manilow, what do people expect? I am going to go out on a limb here...could it be that Barry is putting on a kick-butt show, but people have been going to so many shows that nothing is going to satisfy them. No matter what he does. Could it be that he is just not satisfying their so called concert addiction.
Personally, it sounds like he doing more ballads and I think I am going to really enjoy that when I see the show in October. Memories, Ships, I cant wait to see them performed live. I saw him perform Memories this year and was in awe how he crawled into that song. You were there, you know what I am talking about.
Anyways Barry, if you read this....congratulations on the new show. Looking forward to experiencing the Ultimate Manilow in October. Keep up the good work. You never disappoint me.

texas_fan said...

I find it interesting that all the swiveling hips, bamms and crotch grabs are now gone. Makes you wonder if he really was listening to the ones that get "it" and NOT the ones that clamor for the cheap thrills. Personally, Ultimate Manilow is one of my absolute favorite DVD's. I'm looking forward to seeing the new show. Way to go Barry!

Survivor said...

Interesting points. I particularly like the one about it being a kick-butt show. I hadn't thought about that he appears to have taken out bamms etc and maybe it is him saying listen to the music, don't just look at by butt or pelvis and judge my music on that! I wonder if he thinks that side of his celebrity life has gone too far and he wants to pull some of it back.
Of course it might also be that he is recognising his age and those aches and pains and realises that he can't keep doing all those energetic moves and needs to slow it down a bit!!
I don't think we have seen the last of his changes and I for one will be happy with whatever he decides to do as long as he keeps performing, I have 20 years to make up, he can't stop now!!!!!!!!!

texas_fan said...

I'm with you Survivor...I'm making up for lost time myself. Hopefully we can cram 30 years into the next few!

Anonymous said...

When I go to a Barry Manilow concert, I'm there to listen to him sing, not to criticize how the show 'flows', it bigger or better than a previous show, etc. People who begin to criticize after seeing him time after time are hypocrites--why do you go if just to complain about it afterwards. Everyone gets tired of seeing or doing the same thing over and over and will soon want more frills. Many of his fans can't afford to even go to Vegas to see him--you should feel privileged!

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