Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet Caroline

Yes. I know. This is not a blog about Neil Diamond. But I have just watched the most amazing baseball game ever between the Boston Red Sox (my team) and the Texas Rangers (my other team) and man...Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good!

First inning- Red Sox 10, Rangers 0...I changed the channel. As did most Ranger fans.

Fifth inning-just checking in- Red Sox 12, Rangers 10. WHAT???? Guess I should not have changed the channel. 2 runs in the 2nd and 8 runs in the 5th..closing the gap!

Sixth inning- Red Sox 14, Rangers 15...holding on to a one run lead. The Rangers score 5 more runs.

Seventh inning-Red Sox 15, Rangers 16...Red Sox leaving several men stranded on base.

Seventh Inning Stretch--Red Sox Nation bursts into Sweet Caroline...their good luck song...and what happens???

Eighth inning-Red Sox 19, Rangers 16...4 run home run by the Red Sox into the green monster.

Ninth inning-Red Sox 19, Rangers 17...after a valiant effort by the Rangers, the Red Sox prevail.

There just isn't any place like Fenway Park and a Red Sox game. Unless it's Fenway Park and a Red Sox/Ranger game.

Missing Boston,
Texas Fan

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