Friday, March 20, 2009

Barry's Back!

Barry's back in Vegas! It's always an exciting time when his show returns to the Hilton. The fans get amped up on the MMN and the Barrynet. When he steps out on stage the magic always happens.

In a recent interview, he put it very simply:
"It is kind of lonely up on that stage. There aren't that many people doing what I do. There's never been [anybody like me], by the way. I have my own little slice of the pie. It's small, but it's mine."

Small? I don't think you'd call it small. Perhaps in the sense that he's the only one out there doing what he's doing and attracting the type of crowds he does after 30 years. But at last check, the fan base is growing, adding younger fans and appealing to a whole group of Generation Yers who are looking for "music" and have found it in his arrangements and his genuine ability to deliver that honest emotion.

Things are always brighter in Vegas when Barry's there. Smiles abound.

Here's to Las Vegas. It's one of a kind. Here's to the smiles all around!
Texas Fan

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Bonnie said...

YEAH!!! And I'm going to see him tomorrow night. Can't wait. I love the fact that new people/fans are finding their way to the Manilow Magic. And I truly believe that the Vegas gig has been a big shot in the arm for his career.

So Here's to Las Vegas, and I hope he stays for a few more years at least.

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