Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rocking Manilow

Photo from left to right: John Corabi, Dee Snider , Barry Manilow,
Rudy Sarzo,
Bruce Kulick, Fred Coury, and Tony Montana.

On March 19th Barry took in Monster Circus at the Hilton. Barry and Rock. You don't see those two words together often in the same sentence. And yet, there he is. Guitarist Bruce Kulick said, "He was totally rocking with the Monster Circus concept of high energy rock-n-roll in the Hilton showroom". Barry. Totally rocking.

And the thought crossed my mind. Barry. Rock. New rock album. Hanging with rockers. What better way to gain some inspiration, camaraderie and street cred than hanging out with hair band rockers the likes of these guys? I'm liking the idea. I can see it now, "The critics RAVE about new ROCK sensation BARRY MANILOW". Now that, my friends, is a headline.

Rock on!
Texas Fan

BTW-Liking the jeans and the casual jacket. That's the Manilow I'd like to see more of.


Helen said...

I love the laid back Manilow. Barry can pull off any look, tux to jeans, but this photo is especially attractive.

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Helen Holdun

Kathy said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Barry certainly looks good wearing casual!

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