Saturday, March 28, 2009

Manilow-"A Polished, Powerhouse Performance"

"At last, a polished, powerhouse performance worthy of the title "Premium Entertainment".
Peter Warner, The Hollywood Reporter, February 22, 1979

Back in 1979, HBO came to Barry and asked him if they could record his concert in Los Angeles at the Greek Theater for a Pay-per-View broadcast. Barry said YES, but he wanted the licensing for the recording. And aren't we all ecstatic that he did!

According to a Hotline Message, Starz is releasing a DVD of this recording to the fans. You can't buy it in stores, on Amazon, or anywhere else. And to sweeten the deal, they are including a copy of the 1978 Tour program. Here's an excerpt from the message:

It’s an AMAZING DVD….and an AMAZING experience. But….to make it even better….we’re including a copy of the 1978 Tour Program….filled with great pictures…and classic jumpsuits. Together…the Live At The Greek DVD and the 1978 Tour Program are a special 30th Anniversary Limited Edition….and they are yours for $24.99.

The release date is May 5th. I know I'm not missing out on this marvelous piece of Manilow history. It's amazing that after all these years, shows, and recordings the quotes from the reporter still ring true.

Everything clicks like a dream..

From the moment the blue-eyed rock-ballader from Brooklyn steps out on stage..excitement erupts and never loses momentum through upbeat pop tunes and lushy arranged romantic ballads.

…culminating in a splashy, Grammy-winning “At the Copa” production which brings the entire live audience to its feet.

Manilow reaffirms himself as a master of sophisticated romantic and Broadyw-derived pop music, and of audience rapport.

You can preorder your copy at Starz right now!

Booking it over to Starz to order my piece of Manilow history,
Texas Fan

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Anonymous said...

I already have the dvd, and it is less then the one on fanclub site, however it does not include a tour book, which really excites me. I got it on a dvd site which I don't think most people know about.

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