Monday, March 9, 2009

Class vs Crass

Rolling Stone magazine quoted this famous pop artist this weekend:

“We did some stupid casino gig in Palm Springs for one of the high rollers there. These private gigs are like doing a bar mitzvah. They're not fun because they're for private audiences, not paying audiences. They're not your audience. They don't know your stuff. They're there just to say they were there.

“I feel like a slut when I do them, but you get paid like a really good call girl. When I walk offstage, it's like the walk of shame.”

Believe it or not, it was Billy Joel. Imagine that. Imagine taking the money from this private party and then complaining about it.

Does Barry ever have to deal with those kind of audiences in Vegas? You bet. Does he ever have to deal with rude fans? All the time. And yet, he doesn't spout his mouth off to the press when the audience won't get into the music or applaud at the appropriate moment.

There have been numerous times Barry has performed for non-fans. Most recently in a benefit for breast cancer. Was the audience composed of fans? No. There were clearly people there who were less than enthusiastic. The dance girl even made some rather negative comments that night. But Barry didn't run to the press complaining about it.

Maybe Billy needs to have a sit down with Barry and learn from the master of decorum and gratitude. I guess their money was good enough to take but not good enough to be appreciative of the fact that 1-his music is still in demand, 2-he's still working, and 3-he's not living homeless on the streets.

Guess that's the difference between class and crass,
Texas Fan

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