Monday, March 30, 2009

The Many Faces of Manilow

I've taken quite a few pictures over the last few years. And as I was looking through them over the weekend, I noticed the many faces of Manilow. Some might say his faces betray his moods. Others might say he's the "Shadowman" and you can't possibly know his true feelings. But however you might view him, his many faces definitely reveal his humanness and his ability to display his emotions. For me, that's the true joy in watching him perform.

Making a face myself [huge smile],
Texas Fan

Addendum: Just for YBA and Tammy! :>)


Debbie said...

Loved seeing those pictures. Makes me want to go back and look through mine. I've captured some of those faces as well. A few images are in my mind where I have seen him roll his eyes. Make you wonder what he is thinking. We'll probably never know.
Seeing Barry happy and giddy on stage sure puts a smile on my face as well. Love his attitude on the M&P DVD. I could watch that over and over.

Alison Whitwell said...

This is the guy whose music I've known most of my life so it's great to see so many photos of him.

texas_fan said...

If you look through and find some gems I'll post a Part 2 on here with all of yours. It's so much fun looking back and finding those jewels.

Micks said...

Thanks for posting these wonderful photos.
I agree with you... and it's something that has always impressed me about Barry Manilow as a performer. His ability to "wear his heart on his sleeve" and display his emotions.
I get so easily bored with so many performers because I can always sense this "yawn" when they're up there because they don't FEEL what they're performing. Barry has found away to tap into and do just that and convey it in such a way that his audience feels it too.

Bonnie said...

He is so expressive not only vocally but visually as well. It's part of the joy of watching him perform live. Personally, I love the goofy faces. They speak volumes.

you begin again.... said...

Best shot you ever had was our final (Saturday) night in October. You know the one. I don't care what anyone says, his mind was an open book.

The "which of these two people is being more obvious" shot.

All of my pics are terrible with one or two lucky ones. These are great!

texas_fan said...

OMG YBA. I completely forgot about that one. Too funny. That really was a GREAT shot, wasn't it?

Tammy_Lou said...

YBA, is hilarious! I remember that very well. Thanks Suzanne for the pics. Reminds me as well of all the pics I have taken and even today just from the picture can remember what song he was singing.

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