Monday, March 2, 2009

The Music

Someone on My Manilow Network actually started a discussion group to talk about the music. Wow. What a novel idea. A discussion about Barry's music. I was pleasantly surprised this morning. And I had to post a comment as well, since I've harped forever about the fact that there doesn't seem to be much discussion about it there any more.

The question was proposed as follows:
When did you start your music collection? How large is your collection? Which of his music would you recommend and why?

Here's my response:
I started my collection in 2002 with Here at the Mayflower, although I'd have to say that I began truly collecting in 2006 after I met a young fan at my first concert in Vegas. She let me listen to "Sandra" on her Ipod and I have to say I was absolutely blown away. That's when I began my collection.

I have just about every single CD that he has released, except for some of the foreign versions. I've collected individual "rare" songs from collectors and added to my collection via MP3's on my computer.

My favorites? That's difficult. I'm partial to Here at the Mayflower, because that's where my love for the music began. After that I'd have to say Scores, the 2AM Paradise Cafe, followed by If I Should Love Again. The 4CD collection, because it has "Sandra" on it, will always be a favorite of mine as well.

For the fan who loves the genius behind the music, you can't live without the Mayflower, Paradise Cafe and the Scores CD. Those are all original compositions and those are the reason I admire his passion, his creativity, and his musical genius.

Borrowing this topic, if you so desire, please post your comments to the questions proposed. I'd love you hear your responses.

It's ALL about the Music,
Texas Fan

P.S. Shout out to Ann Greer on the MMN for starting this discussion group!


Bonnie said...

Hopefully the group will stay on topic and not venture off to the usual fantasies. But I have my doubts.

texas_fan said...

We can only dream Bonnie...

Peachy said...

If that doesn't happen then it will get buried under a bunch of other BS.

Survivor said...

It's a real change to have a group like this on the site. I actually posted something!
Peachy, BS doesn't even come close to describing some of it!

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