Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Barry Manilow Calling

Here's an amusing little story that demonstrates how our support and admiration for Mr. Manilow can spill over into the lives of our family members.

Yesterday my husband came home from work and told me about a "prank" his office staff has been playing on him for a few weeks. We have only one car to share, and the Music and Passion license plate cover is on it. Everyone at his office ribs him about it, knowing that I'm the fan. Yesterday he realized that someone had changed his voice mail and caller ID so that when he calls someone in the office it shows up as "Barry Manilow". This has been going on for weeks now. He found out because one of the managers got a call from him and it showed Barry Manilow. He told the salesman, "Hang on a sec. My caller ID says Barry Manilow. I better get that one..I may have won some tickets to his show in Vegas". He actually thought it was Las Vegas calling, not knowing all the time that it was my husband until a co-worker told him about the prank. The entire dealership had been laughing at him for weeks and he had no idea.

Of course, it was all in good fun and my husband thought it was quite funny. He can have a sense of humor at times, even at his own expense. When he told me the story he actually seemed ok with the concept. When they offered to change it back to his name, he said, "Why? Now I can be Barry Manilow!" (...in his dreams!)

Happy Tuesday,
Texas Fan


Cher said...

Great story - you made my day!! Thank you for sharing!!

moonstone said...

LMAO! Oh that is funny. Loved it! Thanks for posting such a wonderful story. It really cracked me up!


you begin again.... said...

My other half is a fan but his sense of humor has shorter limits. Or at least just different ones. Great little story!

Anonymous said...

Too funny, once again you have managed to put a smile on my dial.
Thank you


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