Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Barry's Birthday-A Night to Remember

Where to begin? Last night ROCKED! Barry was on fire from the moment he stepped out onto that stage. He said he was going to make last night special and boy did he ever!

The jokes
As usual his sharp wit had us rolling on the floor with laughter. He sat down at the piano to play Weekend in New England and said he had to share something with us. He said he realized that if you change the words in songs from "you" to "yours" they become nasty. For instance: when will I hold "yours"! He repeated the story about the oil dropping on the piano keys and the bug flying up his nose during the outdoor concerts. Then..when he was cutting the cake they brought out on stage he grabbed a huge chunk of it so smear on the backups faces. They all ran and afterwards he said, "What am I supposed to do with this?" You can imagine what we all thought...PRICELESS!

The music
As always the music was over the top. He omitted most of the decade stuff to sing his hits: Weekend in New England, Even Now, Somewhere Down the Road (which was accapelo at the end of could have heard a pin drop). After the birthday cake he sang "That's Life" which was absolutely awe inspiring. During I Write the Songs he sang, "My home lies deep within YOURS" and said, "stop me now and sing"!. During Copa he added the words, "ah Sex" again as he has before. He held the end note to Even Now for what seemed like forever last night and the emotion during some of the ballads took your breath away.

The Dance
Last night's dance was done to Ready To Take a Chance Again and was one of those magical moments that I will never forget. He was truly enjoying every moment of it and it seemed to last forever. I was on the stage to witness all of it and to dance with him on his birthday..again..PRICELESS.

The show was over way too we left the theater they were passing out champagne to everyone in celebration of his birthday in glasses with the date on them as a keepsake! Then we were off to the Birthday Bash where we had tons of fun and a special visit from "the man" himself. The BMIFC knows how to throw a party!

What a night...what a show...what a man to share his birthday with us.

Basking in the memories,
Texas Fan


moonstone said...

Thank you for such a wonderful review! I so enjoyed reading all about it! Love the picture, and I hope you have more to show us all! Wow, you lucky girl you!

moon :)

you begin again.... said...

You know.... it's stories like this that have me thinking maybe I should take a little vacation by myself for a weekend to Vegas.

texas_fan said...

Thanks Moon...and YBA..take that vacation and come in October. We all need a little R and R away from home..especially when its with Barry!

Anonymous said...

After reading your review, I can hardly wait til October!!!!!


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