Monday, June 23, 2008

When the Good Times Come Again

I'll see you then when the good times come again
When you and I have made it back

From the people and the places we have been
I'll see you then w
hen the good times come again
The door that we go out of is the door that we come in

When the good times come again...

The week of Manilo
w memories is over and I was listening to the purple album on the way home on the plane today. It's filled with songs that echo my feelings of this past week. If you haven't listened to it recently, dig it out. The emotion on this album takes me back to the emotions I had this past week..a week of good times!

The fans
This is the first time I have expe
rienced the "fan world" of such intensity. I had some not-so-great moments and some not-so-wonderful conversations with so-called fans. I say that because I can't for the life of me understand how a grown woman can say some of the things I heard and do some of things I saw them do. If anything it made me realize that Barry's security is greatly appreciated and highly needed. I also witnessed some quiet, soft-spoken fans who overshadowed the crazies and gave me hope that not all fandom needs a harsh case of reality.

The friends
This is probably the single most wonderful benefit of being a part of the Manilow world...the friends. I spent some quality time with friends that I have made because of Barry and his music. And an added benefit was that I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know a very special lady from the UK. Her genuinely kind spirit and her ability to communicate about the music and commensurate about why it moves us made this trip all the more meaningful. It's the friends (old and new) that remind us how much Barry has a profound impact on our lives.

The shows
Each show (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday) had their own special moments. The comedy was priceless. When he lets out that giggle you just can't help but l
augh with him. The music as always moved beyond words. The emotion in each and every song carried me along. The bounce in his step (especially on Tuesday night) made me smile for him and happy to be there to see it. Each show has its own set of memories and moments that I will not soon forget.

The songs

Barry outdid himself this past week. He pulled out all the stops and gave us performances that had us on our feet at times and stunned in our seats at others. The cheers resounded in the theater during Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed and you could have heard a pin drop during Somewhere Down the Road. Keep Each Other Warm was a treat to finally hear live. And The Best
of Me always makes me cry. But for me, hands down, Open Arms will be the song of the week. He knocked it clear out of the building, across the strip and out into space. He hit the biggest home run with that song and I can hardly wait to hear it again. It literally became his that night...forever.

The moments
In every show, there are those special moments that you can't forget. Those moments that make them yours, and yours alone. The lyric that connects. They look that makes you melt. The unscripted, unexpected mistakes that endear him to us and make him human. These shows were no exception. The jokes. The skipping out on stage. The unexpected insertion of Open Arms. These moments are embedded in our hearts forever and we replay them over and over again because they bring
us great joy. There was one very special moment for me that I shared with my friend and I will never forget that moment when her dream finally became a reality and she had her once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the magic that only a few ever experience.

The memories
It's always about the memories. The fun we had with the music. The laughs watching human theater in the Hilton lobby. Sharing the shows together. Late nights spent talking. Early morning coffee. Meeting new friends. Stepping into the Manilow store again to discover the new merchandise. Walking into the doors of the Hilton. Exploring new places along the strip. Searching for that perfect outfit to wear to the shows. Drinking a little too much. Sleeping very little. Taking photos and capturing those moments forever. Philosophizing about the music and sharing what it means to get "it".

I was speaking with a fan in the M store a few days ago. It wasn't a very pleasant conversation. She was trying to explain her obsession. I was trying to point out her sickness. (Yes, I'm opinionated if you haven't figured that out yet). I never was able to make her understand why I am there time after time. She just didn't get "it" and never will. However, for me, it's quite simple. He moves me. He reaches into my soul and seems to know exactly what I need at the moment: acceptance, love, kindness, compassion, hope, light-heartedness, joy. He does it simultaneously to everyone in that theater. But when it happens, it's like you are the only person receiving it. He's blessed with the ability to see the condition of the human soul and feel it with his whole being and somehow share it with all of us. There aren't many that can do that. And there aren't many that are willing to pour it all out there night after night and be that vulnerable. But he does it and always manages to connect...always.

Until the "good times" come again...
Texas Fan


Debbie said...

You have summed up the week/weekend perfectly! I am so glad I could be there Friday and Saturday to experience the excitement, craziness, conversations, humor, etc, etc. My comments to people after getting home was....he just gets better and better every time. Barry knows how to bring out just about every emotion there is to offer. You just never when and what song will do it. For me it was Somewhere Down the Road and Best of Me. Not to mention Open Arms. That was an absolute treat. I was so glad to be there for the debut of that song.
Most of all, the friendships that I have made over the years and even more this last trip to Barry's House. The friendships mean so much to me and I will cherish them for the rest of my life. I have some very special friends (you all know who you are). I wouldn't trade my life for anything.
Thank You for everything Suzanne. Your one in a million!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So beautifully written and all I can add is, "Is it October yet!"


Anonymous said...

How beautifully written! How I hung on every word and understood it with all my heart. He is truely a special soul and I am so very honored that he shares that with us. Thanks for taking all the time to write and give us all something to think about. Some of us truely "get it." Connie

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