Friday, June 20, 2008

Barry's Birthday Bash

I've been thinking about what happened at the Barry's Birthday Bash for a few days now and now that I've processed my thoughts, I'd like to make some observations.

First of all, the BMIFC and Kirsten did a fantastic job throwing a party for Barry's birthday. The spread (complete with streamers, hats and party horns), the music, the prizes and the gift bags were outstanding. They outdid themselves to make sure that everyone had a fantastic time. The DJ played some great music. Kirsten posed for so many pictures with the fans and thanked us for our continued support. Vikki welcomed everyone when they entered the party and said goodbye as the evening ended. They made each of us feel welcome and appreciated.

The mayhem began once Barry arrived. It was a mob scene. The man could hardly walk through the room without being grabbed, photographed and generally treated like a piece of meat. His security had to surround him to protect him from the frenzied fans. It was obviously not a pleasant experience and one that rushed the visit through as quickly as possible.

What would have been so terrible for everyone to remain seated and allow him to travel through the room at his own pace, stopping to mingle with the fans and allowing him to control the visit? I can't help but wonder how much more pleasant it would have been for him and for the fans if that had happened. He's always saying, "I'm a person" and would like to be treated as such. Once he left the party, there was a mass exodus as well, following him out the door, continuing the frenzy.

It's a shame for everyone that these scenes have to occur. And that so many of the fans can't seem to allow him the freedom to control his "fan encounters". Black curtains, extensive security and controlled moments have replaced the relaxed atmosphere that was in the fan world years ago. It's turned into such a fanatical, moment grabbing, jealousy motivated world.

Wishing things could be different,
Texas Fan

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you begin again.... said...

Your description sounds like a video I saw on DailyMotion some time ago of Barry trying to sing "Copa" while walking through the crowd. (Circa mid 1980s) The idea was good, gave his entrance more impact. However it only took 4 bars before girls were hugging him around the neck from behind, jumping in his face. Finally security had to come to his rescue when you heard a strangled "MMUUALLLLAAAA" and the song stopped. I figured someone got to know Barry by the handful in that moment, if you get my meaning.
It would be nice to just sit and enjoy the company, for all involved. At least this past Tuesday no one told him to turn his head and cough.
Have a good time tonight and tomorrow - don't forget the details and be nice to your camera so it will take good pictures.

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