Monday, June 30, 2008

You Begin Again

I for one am glad that we can have new beginnings. Because I for one screw up. I like that shirt that says, "I'm not perfect, just forgiven." Because God knows I'm certainly not perfect. Far from it. And I disappoint the ones I love on a daily basis. But, I admit my failures and my shortcomings and try and make it better the next time. It's really all I can do. Because once the damage is done, and the hearts are broken or hurt, the only thing that helps is time and forgiveness.

There's no need to cry any more, life's better than before
Yesterday fades away into the past
The pain you thought would last is gone
And you begin again, sometimes you lose, sometimes you win
But you begin again, even though your heart is breaking
In time, the sun will shine and you'll begin again..
You'll begin again.

Hoping it will come soon,
Texas Fan

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nobody in this world is perfect and we all have our short comings, but at least those of us who can admit our failures are at least living a honest life and are true to ourselves, which is so important.
Your friends and those who love you will always forgive you and be there to help pick up the pieces and give you a shoulder to cry on.
So chin up girl......Look to the rainbow......tomorrow is another day and the sun is bound to shine.
Your friend from Down Under

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