Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brian D'Arcy James and Barry

I just read an article about Brian receiving a Tony nomination. *HEAVY SIGH*. Oh how I wish it was for Harmony and not Shrek. Listening to him on the DVD of the Farewell Tour makes my heart stop. Barry can sing...no dispute there...but Brian's voice is powerful and always gives me chills. And when he belts out Every Single Day you can hear the passion in his interpretation of that romantically penned and brilliantly composed ballad.

Any time there is an opportunity to sing the praises of Harmony, I'm on it. It's one of those "unfinished" projects that Barry has on his plate and one of the ones that I wish could be completed. Harmony is the soul and spirit of Manilow. It's him composing music and arranging it all together to make an unbelievably moving musical. It's where he began (with The Drunkard) and where he always thought his career
would take him. For those of us who are fans, it's our dream for him as well. It's always in the back of my mind and something I hope for and pray for often.

Congratulations to Brian D'Arcy James and all the best, but I can't help but *sigh* when I think about what could have been,
Texas Fan


you begin again.... said...

You got a problem w/ Shrek?????

Seriously, I know what you mean. If anything, it confirms that Barry picked the right people (in the cast) to get Harmony off the ground. Producers and a lot of the financing people are more trouble than they are worth, if you ask most composers of stage musicals.

texas_fan said...

Shrek rocks!

It's just so sad that Brian could have been nominated for Harmony. The man is talented beyond belief. And I know it's a pain to deal with financing but it's still a shame.

Bonnie said...

Never say Never. We still may see Barry's dream come true someday. Keep the faith. It will happen.

texas_fan said...

I'm keeping the faith Bonnie. It just has to be. I can't think of a better time than now for it to become reality. Fingers, toes, legs and anything else crossed for news about it at the convention!

Micks said...

Brian is extremely talented and I'm happy for him that he's been given this honor for his work in Shrek, but, like you, I can't help but think about the way it should have been... and hopefully will be one day.
I haven't given up hope and I pray Barry's dream becomes a reality... soon!

Survivor said...

I too will not give up hope that this reaches the stage where it belongs. The music and lyrics in the scores for Harmony are pure genius and give me shivers every time I listen to them.

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