Friday, May 22, 2009

Manilow TV-Every Fan's Fantasy

Coming to a computer near you...Manilow TV. I suppose that's the new wave of the future: watching television on your computer. It's going to be interesting to see how this all unfolds. I will have to admit that the Hotline announcement itself was well written and providing great anticipation:

Hidden deep inside a distant mountain...
Double locked behind a 32 inch thick steel door...
Found only at the end of a narrow tunnel...
Carved by hand from the overhead tons of granite.

Great marketing technique. Great way to TEASE your niche. I have to give them kudos for that one. Then the partial list...

Ultimate Manilow from Manchester, UK in 2008
Hot Tonight from Chicago in 1983
Greatest Hits and Then Some from Sydney in 1994

...working down to the very last line...

Check in soon for details on exactly how Manilow.TV...The Internet Television Subscription Service will work.

There's the clincher. It's going to be a subscription service.

Personally, just the UK show alone makes me want to subscribe. And...what if they record this week's convention with the Mayflower songs? I'm sold!

Applause to the Manilow organization for their innovative approach to marketing and for finding a way for the fans to see those shows that so many of us have missed.

Anxiously waiting,
Texas Fan


Bonnie said...

It's an interesting concept, but personally I would prefer to have these shows, TV appearances etc on DVD. I'd much rather watch these things on my Big Screen TV and not have to squint to see it on my 20 inch computer monitor. Then there is the question of my poor little dial up modem. It would take 24 hours to download a 2 hour concert, and I don't need the added expense of getting high speed access just for this. Would everything be accessible or are they going to dish it out one show/appearance at a time and only for a limited time? How MUCH are they going to charge on a monthly basis for this service? And what about the people that don't have computers or can only access them at work?

I know everyone is jumping for joy over the announcement, but I don't think it would work for me. But I'll keep an open mind until they put up more information on it.

Peachy said...

We saw the Manchester show at the Bash in December and it was AWESOME. They had it on a large screen and it was the next best thing to being there.

texas_fan said...

It does sound like it's going to be like the vault song. Up for awhile for viewing and then removed. Maybe they will put them on DVD if they get tons of views. I'm also waiting to see the cost and I'm at my computer so much during the day I would much prefer it on DVD as well. But...maybe the subscription service will be less expensive. We can dream. Seems like it's just another way to tease us LOL

Bonnie said...

Not just tease us, but a way to keep their hands in our pockets on a monthly basis LOL.

you begin again.... said...

Obviously it's "wait and see" for most of your questions (we all have the same ones regarding cost, time limits for each video, etc)
But the benchmark of how it will *technically* work for you would depend on how other streaming videos work. I'll bet the quality you get on YouTube (pick a video at random as a test) would be a good guess of how well MTV (HA!) would work on your system.

One thing I've unfortunately learned is when you program online content, you can't accomodate everyone. The best you can do is go for the majority. I am facing that issue in a project right now and it sux, yea mightily, having to make those decisions.

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