Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Things Never Change in the Manilow World

In August of 2006 I joined the Barrynet message board. It seemed a great place to meet other Barry fans and talk about the shows, the music and the media appearances. It was right before Barry had his hip surgery and right after the explosion that was "the cancelled shows" occurred. For a short time (and I mean very short) it seemed to be a friendly place. All that changed in January of 2007. The tone of the board became a battleground and a click formed to control the posts that were made. They attacked and defamed those who chose to disagree with them and succeeded in having many ousted from the board.

A year ago, the Manilow Network came on the scene. We all breathed a sigh of relief hoping that this new network would once again be a place for those who wanted to meet, talk and share their experiences related to the music and Barry. For awhile it was great. And then, about 6 months ago the tone on the network changed as well. Fights began to ensue. People began to attack others. Lines were drawn in the sand. Inappropriate discussions were started. And once again the climate of the board changed.

My sympathies go out to Stiletto. They are the ones who have the unparralled responsibility of monitoring these fan sites. And since people will always be people and never change their agendas, the task remains the same. No matter how much they wish and dream for it to be a positive representation of Barry's fans and the people who follow his career, it always turns into (in my opinion) a study in childish human behavior: adults who act like spoiled children and want to be in charge of the sandbox.

But as Barry sings, "and we'll go on, enjoying every lovely day because we're sure he would have wanted it that way," and "we can't smile without him"!
Texas Fan


Mary said...

reasons why I have never been part of the "fan" world like that, Just a few of us since 1982 (though fans longer) are together and still meet up but I stay away from all the other stuff. Would nevr say I am a manilow fan if folks thought that is the way we all were.

MaryBarryCrueltyFree! said...

Suzanne - Your post is so right about the boards. It isn't a friendly place anymore, but a place of "Who died and left you boss" attitude, and fighting over who will be in charge of "The SandBox again, and deamonizing people who express thier opinions, and abuse them because thier opinions don't match thier own. When are people going to realize that they have a right to express thier opinions without malice just like they are? When are people going to get it in thier heads that this is this the United States of America, we have the freedom to express what we want without reprisal? Some people feel they can police others opinions,and chew them up when thier views on a subject is not on the same wavelength as thiers. I do think it's because people want to have power over something in thier lives because they dont have power over themselves, so it makes them feel better and powerful to chew someone up who has a different point of view than they do. It makes them feel important, feel like they have a life. How sad.

Bonnie said...

I totally agree. At first the Manilow Network was a haven for those of us that were sliced and diced on the Barrynet. But as you said, it quickly changed when the clicks formed.

Now the only safe place to voice your opinion, where YOU are in charge, is your OWN blog page.

I can only imagine what the people in charge of the sites go through on a daily basis. I would not have their job for all the tea in China.

you begin again.... said...

Ditto here. And add my sympathies to yours for Stiletto. I've had to monitor online communities of all sizes and there's always someone who thinks someone died and put them in charge. And 99 times out of 100, they've had something wrong between the ears.

So where do I send the flowers and candy? LOL!!!!

Survivor said...

I agree, I don't think it will ever change. I was also one of those who thought the MMN would be the one site where everyone could get involved and be positive. It didn't take long for that site to turn into the same as the BNet board. I can't stand it when people form themselves into little groups at the exclusion of others.
I for one read sometimes and post very little and I was quite active when it first started.
I will just stick with my friends with whom I can have an intelligent conversation about Barry and his music.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have noticed that the behavior on the Barrynet fan board is beyond ignorant. If I was Barry I was be embarrassed to claim these 'people' as fans- I wouldn't want fans like that. People who think they 'own' him and have to protect him and so on. Since when do a bunch of bored and frustrated housewives 'protect' a superstar like Barry??????

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