Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Manilow Fan Frenzy

As expected, after the first "tweet" occurred on Twitter, the fans flocked to sign up. Grant you, the possibility that it might possibly be him or someone close to him prompted a mass sign up to occur. But, as I said previously, there was little chance "he" would actually utilize the account. For me, even if it was TPTB, I was happy to see them embrace the new social marketing technology.

A greater query in my mind has arisen however. Since Twitter is easily activated with little or no "verification" of personage (you don't have to prove you are who you claim to be), what if some devilish fan decided to set up the account and pretend to be "him"? It is a definite theory that needs to be evaluated and cautiously examined. As the weekend progressed, I began to wonder this myself. Why? The @ultimatemanilow account began to communicate with another account named @BarryManilow. Highly suspicious activity in my estimation.

Personally, I will cautiously OBSERVE and evaluate. Just because someone claims to be a celebrity, it doesn't mean they are. Suzanne Somers sent out a blast via her Facebook account recently warning fans that there are accounts on Twitter that do not represent her and she has chosen not to get involved herself. Yet another clue in a long list of mysterious @ultimatemanilow account activity.

What's the moral? Don't jump to conclusions. Don't believe (as some did on the network) that just because Barry's name is attached to something it doesn't mean that it's him. There are MANY imposters on Twitter. And MANY celebrities as well. The ones that are on there have taken the time to let their fans know that it's them. Let's all take a deep breath and wait and see.

Cautiously observing,
Texas Fan


you begin again.... said...

I'm with you. It doesn't cost anything but a couple of seconds to lurk around, post some harmless comment, and see what happens. If it's bogus, delete it. No big deal. No one dies.
If it's TPTB, that's OK by me too - when there's something to be announced, you get straight poop from the source.
I don't get the "need" to have direct contact w/ Barry personally. Just not my priority. Sure if I had a chance to meet him, ask for his pawprint, etc, I'd take it (I'm not stupid!) but it isn't life. It's just Twitter. 8^D

Anonymous said...

It is connected to the BMIFC. Here is the link that is on the top, on your upper left hand side, on BOTH:

Boucquez said...

This is very sound advice. If people really become convinced this is Barry and some sexual offender is actually the person behind the 'Twitters' he could, in Barry's name lure some person into8 a dangerous situation.
Janice from Canada

texas_fan said...

I agree YBA. Celebrity following on Twitter is NOT my cup of tea. I like the idea of using it as an announcement tool. That's it. I know there are tons of people who like following the celebs, however. I'm not one of them.

texas_fan said...

Anyone can post a link on their Twitter account. Links do not a celebrity make.

Mary said...

I think I agree with you I personaly do not think it is barry or TPTB. Even though I was on when the "first" tweet was on and the person? wanted help I did answer BUT since then I am not sure. WHY add all your followers that are following you and some are just plain strange? I did notice the count go up with all the same old names and faces that keep me away from that side of the Manilow world! I have been on Twitter a while and know my way around which is why I answerd but I don't think it is Barry. Does a 65 year old man use the word "cool" I wonder.

Mary said...

I just had another idea, IF it is a dud account won't TPTB shut it down asap?

texas_fan said...

I think TPTB will just ignore it. Besides, other celebrities have "poser" accounts, hence, TheRealShaq (clarifying it's him). I'm not sure Twitter will shut accounts down. If they would, Oprah (who has tons of poser accounts) would have tried to do so. It's up to those following to ascertain the difference I think.

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain what the heck twpb means? I really don't like these acronmyns, I have no idea what they mean. thanks

texas_fan said...

Sorry, TPTB means The Powers That Be (referring to Stiletto or Barry's management). I just assumed everyone reading here knew what it meant. BMIFC means Barry Manilow International Fan Club in case you were wondering.

Jill said...

Totally agree with you. My two daughters who are both grown and married are on Twitter as am I, but we just us it for little notes.

Peachy said...

It is so hard to tell. The best thing to do is just watch and wait. No matter how some try to disguise themselves, writing styles cannot be disguised - the true person will come out in time.

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