Thursday, May 28, 2009

Paradise Cafe Weekend

This past weekend I was NOT in Vegas. And while I was at least away from home and occupied, I kept telling myself...there's no place like Vegas...there's no place like Vegas...there's no place like Vegas. Especially this past weekend, with the Mayflower shows and all the wonderful music. I can't think of any place I'd rather be (ok...honestly...I can) but Vegas would definitely be in the top 10.

After checking online several times to read about the convention and finding very little; and not knowing a single soul that was there at the shows, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on. Where were the updates, the posts, the reports? Where were all the excited posts about the convention events and the special moments at the shows? I stopped checking on Sunday and immersed myself in my own little "non-Manilow" world. But as usual, that didn't last very long.

I was at the mall, and believe it or not, I heard "When October Goes" over the musak system. I was at a baseball game and the people behind me were talking about "Can't Smile Without You", a song that was the group sing during American Idol auditions a few years ago. I was eating dinner at a food court and looked up and saw, of all things, Paradise Bakery and Cafe. It matched my melancholy mood perfectly. And yesterday I was driving across town and heard "Turn the Radio Up" on a local radio station.

There is nothing like missing those Manilow moments. And when those who are blessed to be there don't share them with the rest of us, it makes it even more difficult. As another blogger said, it makes all of us long for the "good ole days" in the Manilow world. Heck, for me, the good ole days only go as far back as 2005. But boy...were things different back then.

Still in a Paradise Cafe mood,
Texas Fan


Mary said...

I would move heaven and hell to be there if he did a Paradise Cafe weekend! To hear him sing "I've Never Been So Low On Love" live again would be paradise to me! Still my fave album of all.

Anonymous said...

There have been posts the last two days, with gorgeous photos taken by MrsAndyQ. Dana herself wrote a brief review on the message board, and is planning to have a full review and photos uploaded tomorrow night.

texas_fan said...

Yes. I did see those posts. It's just nothing like it was in past years with numerous reports from all the avenues of the convention: shows, parties, Q & A with Garry and Barry. With hundreds of fans present, and just a few posts, it just wasn't the same. I did read Dana's reviews and they were great as always. She never disappoints.
You and me both. My absolute favorite of all of his albums. It would be "paradise"!

Bonnie said...

I think we are now slowly getting some information. Another review was posted on the BarryNet today. Perhaps there were more newbies at the convention that don't know that WE WANT DETAILS!!!!

I guess better late than never.

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